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Fascinating Footage Shows Baby's Face Moving Around Inside Amniotic Sac

Charlie Metcalfe

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Fascinating Footage Shows Baby's Face Moving Around Inside Amniotic Sac

The extraordinary moment when a newborn baby moves his head around while encased in his mother's amniotic sac after a C-section has been caught on camera.


The astonishing video, which was taken in Istanbul, shows the boy's face making expressions within the liquid-filled protective membrane only moments after being pulled from his mother's abdomen.

There's only a one-in-80,000 chance of an 'en caul' birth – during which the infant remains inside the amniotic sac after delivery – and the phenomenon is even rarer during C-sections.

Gynecologist Dr Eray Balcan filmed the event and said: "Welcome, little handsome."

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

'En caul' is derived from the French translation of 'in caul', with a 'caul' being the amniotic membrane enclosing a foetus inside the mother's womb.

En caul births are less common during caesarean-sections because the doctor's scalpel most often punctures the thin sac.

The amniotic fluid surrounding the baby protects it from hard knocks and also helps to transfer food and water to the embryo as it grows.

The umbilical cord that medical staff later cut provides the main passage for oxygen to reach the foetus from its mother's bloodstream.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

The sac usually breaks during a natural birth in a sensational event many know as that gushing moment in Hollywood RomComs where the female partner grabs her man's arm and says: "I think my water just broke."

People who saw the video responded with astonished comments and praise for the doctor's skill in delivering the baby boy.

One wrote: "May we always have such happiness and miracles in our lives. Welcome to our world, and may you always be happy."

Babies only start to breathe by themselves after being born and natural contractions during birth help to squeeze amniotic fluid from their lungs in preparation.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

The membrane itself is harmless and doctors often make incisions at the baby's nostrils to allow it to breathe, according to MailOnline.

Although it may seem unnatural to some, about 25% of pregnant women in the UK give birth with a C-section, according to the NHS website.

In some European countries the rates are higher, with 39% of births being planned C-sections in Cyprus and 25% in Italy, according to BBC News.

Some C-sections are spontaneous when there are complications during the birth process.

These complications can include risky positioning of the baby within the womb or an incompatible response from the mother's body.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@dr_eraybalcan

Topics: Health, World News, Viral

Charlie Metcalfe

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