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Nine-Year-Old Girl Carries Disabled Brother To School On Her Shoulders Every Day

Nine-Year-Old Girl Carries Disabled Brother To School On Her Shoulders Every Day

Dingshuang also helps Dingfu, 12, with his homework and does the majority of the housework for her disabled parents

Paddy Maddison

Paddy Maddison

Sibling rivalry is just a fact of life; it transcends time and species. However, next time you have your brother or sister in a headlock, forcing them to apologise for something, maybe you should stop and take a leaf out of Dingshuang and Dingfu's book instead. Check out the heart-warming video below.

Dingshuang, 9, carries disabled Dingfu, 12, to school on her back every single day, come rain or shine in China.

She also looks after her younger brother in class at their school - the Central School of Heizhiguo County - gets him washed each day and helps him with his homework when they finally arrive home in the evening.

Wenshan Televison Station

The siblings' parents are also disabled, making Dinshuang the backbone of the family.

Wenshan Television Station

Despite having to climb steps, hills and cross streets in rain, sleet and snow, Dinshuang has ensured that her and brother Dingfu have never been late for a lesson.

She told a reporter from the local Wenshan Television Station: "I will never leave him behind. I will be his walking stick forever."

Wenshan Television Station

According to the report, Dingshuang does most of the housework at home, including washing vegetable, feeding pigs, cooking and hand-washing clothes for the family of four.

Dingfu and Dingshuang's parents were worried that when their son reached school age he wouldn't be able to walk to class.

But determined not to see her brother left behind, Dingshuang stepped up and offered to carry him there and back every day.

Wenshan Television Station

Liu Yan, a teacher from their school, told the TV reporter that the school had noticed the difficult situation their family were facing and so have now given the siblings a dormitory to sleep in close to the school.

She also said the school had also reduced or cancelled some of the fees for the pair in order to help the struggling family.

Dingshuang and Dingfu's dorm room is now a much more manageable 500 metres (1,640 feet) from their classroom.

She continues to carry him there every day.Featured Image Credit: Wenshan TV