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Lad Raises Enough Money In 24 Hours For Terminal Mum And Her Daughter To Go To Disneyland

Lad Raises Enough Money In 24 Hours For Terminal Mum And Her Daughter To Go To Disneyland

Well, it's Sunday. Here at TheLADbible that means it's 'LAD Of The Week' time and this one is really special.

When Dean Lewis found out his friend, Kirsty Jade Mccaaron, was suffering from a rare terminal immune system-attacking disease, he knew he had to help.


Dean (affectionately known as 'Deano') told TheLADbible: "Last month, Kirsty and I had one of our regular conversations where she was keeping me up to speed with what's been going on with her. She then asked me how much did I reckon the value of her car was. She said she was hoping to sell it and create memories with her daughter, Skylar, by visiting Disneyland Paris just once before she dies.

"To me this was it - I knew what I could do to bring at least some happiness to her and her daughter."

Deano put up a status on Facebook and within 24 hours they'd raised enough money to send Kirsty and Skylar to Disneyland. The really incredible part is that he chose to keep their names secret as he didn't want them to know about the effort or be embarrassed. Since reaching their target, they agreed to reveal her identity.

They raised £2,500 and within 36 hours their holiday was booked and paid for. They even managed to ensure that it tied in with Skylar's fifth birthday.


"After the funds were raised I called Kirsty to tell her what had happened," explained Deano, "She burst into tears of joy. She couldn't believe it."

Before she knew where she was going, when Skylar was asked what's the first thing she'd want to do with Elsa from Frozen if she met her, she replied that she'd love to get a McDonald's with her. Kids, ay?

Deano decided to go one better and thought that it would be great if he could get Elsa to help him announce the surprise to her.

He explained: "I put a little thought into things, ordered an Elsa outfit from eBay and managed to get help from a promo model called Becca Louise. The Saturday before they were due to go to Disneyland, we got 'Elsa' to come a bring a Happy Meal to the house and we told Skylar. Her face was magical and we used Facebook Live to share the occasion with everybody who helped out."

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Kirsty wrote on Facebook: "Skylar truly is my hero and my inspiration and this for her will be magical. She will never forget this and neither will I."

Sadly, Kirsty's condition is deteriorating. Deano explained: "She's a ticking time bomb. We don't know exactly how much time she's got left, but we know it's within a year or two as a maximum."

Deano, you're a true gent. You helped a mother and child make some amazing memories together and, for that, you have to be our LAD Of The Week.

We want to showcase YOUR stories. What are you doing to benefit the community? Is your mate doing something awesome for someone else? Even if you're just helping your next door neighbour in the cold winter months - we want to know about it. Email us with your story - [email protected] and you could be featured next week.

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Lad Raises Enough Money In 24 Hours For Terminal Mum And Her Daughter To Go To Disneyland

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