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On World Suicide Prevention Day - Talk About How You Feel

On World Suicide Prevention Day - Talk About How You Feel

Andrew Noman, Jacob Abraham, Kai Hannis, Andy Roberts - do any of these names ring a bell?

They should do. These four men have been featured on TheLADbible over the last few months because they all committed suicide.

Feelings of hopelessness can happen to anyone. For Andrew Noman, he couldn't cope after the suicide of his best friend - Jacob Abraham.


Kai took his own life after struggling with a break-up.

For Andy Roberts, there was no explanation.


Around the world, we lose one man to suicide every minute of every day. In the UK, 13 men a day die as a result of suicide.

How do we stop this from happening?

The thing is, more and more people are opening up. Andy Roberts' brother-in-law, Luke Ambler, set up Andy's Man Club after his death. A group dedicated to being a safe space for men to talk about how they feel and what's getting them down.


He also started off the 'okay' sign that went viral, with celebrities such as Ricky Gervais and Danny Cipriani getting involved.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. To mark the occasion, the absolutely brilliant charity, Movember, has released this incredibly powerful video entitled: 'Suicide Notes Talk Too Late'.

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Emotional Message Left In Sand On Beach For Time To Talk Day

Emotional Message Left In Sand On Beach For Time To Talk Day


Credit: Movember Foundation

Men who have struggled in the past, but then went to get help before they went through with the worst-case scenario, read out their own suicide notes in the heart-breaking video.

Owen Sharp, Movember Foundation CEO, said: "We wanted to create a powerful piece of content that would ignite important conversations about suicide, the complex issues that surround it and what everyone can do to address it. Conversations that we hope will save lives and prevent the far-reaching and painful consequences for the families, friends and communities of the men tragically lost every day. It's an uncomfortable conversation, but it's one that needs to be had, here in the UK and around the world."

And they've certainly achieved that. The beautifully made film really hits home.


He continued: "It's time to break this silence and recognise that a key to overcoming even the biggest problems is for men to talk more. Not about trivial stuff, but about the significant changes and challenges going on in their lives - things like difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities or a significant set-back. These things happen regularly and, for some, have the potential to derail or be more overwhelming than they'd imagined."

Speak out, lads.

If you need to talk to someone immediately, call Samaritans. They can be reached on:

If you'd rather speak to someone face-to-face, you can find your local Samaritans branch here.

Or, if you'd like to send a letter, you can contact them on:


PO Box 9090, STIRLING, FK8 2SA

People want to help. People are out there who would love nothing more to hear what you have to say and guide you through to a solution. It's not weak to open up, it's the strongest thing you can possibly do.

It's time to talk.

Featured image credit: Movember Foundation/YouTube

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