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Seth Rogen Marks Tenth Anniversary Of 'Pineapple Express' With Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Tweets

Seth Rogen Marks Tenth Anniversary Of 'Pineapple Express' With Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Tweets

Seth Rogen has been celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of Pineapple Express by sharing some fun behind-the-scenes facts about the movie on Twitter.


It might not be quite so beloved as noughties classics like Superbad and Knocked Up, which were also co-creations of Rogen and producer/director/writer Judd Apatow, but the stoner action comedy still has its place in the low-ball laughs hall of fame.

And while some fans were critical of the surprisingly potent violence in the film when it came out, it turns out that translated into a pretty dangerous working environment for the actors on set.

In one of his tweets, Rogen remembered a scene in the movie involving his character Dale and James Franco's character Saul, which ended pretty painfully for Franco:

And it wasn't just James Franco that fell victim to an on-set injury, as Rogen revealed that he actually performed '99 percent' of his own stunts:


In fact, he recalled that he and Danny McBride (who played Red) both suffered pretty rough injuries while filming one particular scene.

"Throughout the fight scene in Red's house in #PineappleExpress," Rogen said in another tweet, "I broke my finger and Danny McBride got his head cracked open when Franco hit him with the bong."

Danny McBride's character Red was actually meant to die early in the film, Rogen revealed, but they just couldn't bring themselves to kill off the character for good:

And there were even complications in the scene where (spoiler alert) Red does finally cop for it later on in the film after mowing down henchman Matheson in his car.

Rogen said: "In #PineappleExpress, originally, Red killed Matheson with a Ford Fiesta, but Ford didn't want their car involved in a movie murder so we had to change it to a Daewoo Lanos, which is ultimately much funnier I think."

The 36-year-old also debunked a famous myth about the movie, explaining there was never actually a strain of marijuana called Pineapple Express.

"The name #PineappleExpress was around for years before the movie," he tweeted. "It's a Hawaiian weather system that sometimes hits the Pacific Northwest, which is where we're from. Evan heard the name and said, 'that would be a great name for a movie'. Years later we found a perfect fit."

He continued: "There was NO strain of weed called #PineappleExpress when we made the movie. We said "if one day, people are out there selling weed called Pineapple Express, it worked".

And as it turns out, we might not even have had Breaking Bad if it wasn't for a Bryan Cranston rejection from Apatow, who stepped in to add:

What better to round off such a mashup of bizarre movie facts than a hilariously random cameo?

She might have been slightly less well known at the time - but Red's ex-wife is actually played by now-infamous porn star Stormy Daniels. Class casting.

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