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You Can Fight A White Walker From Game Of Thrones In 'Mixed Reality Experience'

You Can Fight A White Walker From Game Of Thrones In 'Mixed Reality Experience'

As any Game of Thrones fan will tell you, the White Walkers are shit scary and feared by all. However, if you are simply well 'ard and reckon you could kick the shit out of them, then you've now got an opportunity to prove yourself.

Obviously, *SPOILER ALERT* White Walkers don't actually exists, so we'll never really know if you could take one. However, a new 'mixed reality experience' might be the next best thing.


The experience - called 'The Dead Must Die' - essentially entails being fitted with a virtual headset inside an area of a techy shop that vaguely resembles King's Landing. However, this setting then quickly transforms into a sinister, icy setting 'that begs investigation'.

From there you will see beyond The Wall and confront a White Walker, armed only with a torch...

Presumably all the while, onlookers watch on and laugh at you - the weirdo in the corner wearing goggles and holding a torch while yelling and tumbling about a bit.


But perhaps that's not really doing justice to 'The Dead Must Die', so allow yourself to become more excited by the description in a blog post on the Making Game of Thrones website:

"A crate. A wight. A threat from the North. It's not the iconic 'dragon pit' scene from Season 7's finale, 'The Dragon and the Wolf' - it's The Dead Must Die: A Magic Leap Encounter, a mixed reality experience that allows fans to step into the world of Westeros like never before.

"The Magic Leap Encounter challenges fans to confront a White Walker and lead the fight for the living. Curious visitors will be fitted with a Magic Leap One inside a physical space resembling King's Landing.

"This quickly transforms into an ominous, icy scene that begs investigation. With torch in hand, visitors become soldiers in a standoff, as a frozen portal reveals the deadly world beyond The Wall."

Pretty exciting, eh?

Now allow me to crush your giddiness once more by breaking the news that the experience is 'available exclusively at AT&T stores across the country' - the country being the USA.

Even then the use of the word 'across' seems a little bit of a push, as it is only currently available at the following places and times:

- Boston (Boylston) on 1 April

- Chicago (Michigan Avenue) on 3 April

- San Francisco (1 Powell) on 6 April

So unless any of the above work for you, then you may just have to stick with trash-talking the White Walkers from your sofa throughout season eight.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@GameOfThrones

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