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A 'Burnt Toast' Scale Has Been Created And It's Causing Outrage On Twitter

A 'Burnt Toast' Scale Has Been Created And It's Causing Outrage On Twitter

It would seem that everyone has a 'correct way' to eat toast and people aren't happy about some of the choices

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Toast is like a brew really isn't it - most people like it slightly different when it comes to the strength. And if you're at either end of the spectrum of being watery weak or super strong then God help you.

Similarly, some people like their toast to be popped after a few seconds - what we call warm bread. Others like their smoke alarm to tell them when it's ready (my mother).

Most like it to be somewhere in-between those two extremes, so much so that one Twitter user has taken the time to make a guide which has actually turned out to be a way people can abuse those who disagree with them...

Let's face it - most of us would probably take any of these types of toast without complaint. Not happily but because we're greedy bastards and like a bit of bread.

Personally, number three to six would be more than fine by me but if I had a gun to my head I'd have to opt for number four which looks toasted enough to melt butter and still be soft in the middle.

That estimation is on the presumption that the bread would be Warburtons toastie white and the butter, Lurpak obvs.

Many have responded to the initial tweet with their own preference. Some have said five or six, others three or four but one woman who said nine was met with horror. Someone responded to her: "I've alerted the authorities."

Another, very adamant toaster said: "Six and I will go to war about this." What is wrong with these people?

And one guy had a brilliant idea:

Another person gave a reason for each type of toast: "1 if you're in a hurry, 2 if you have to rush, 3 if you don't really mind, 4 if you do mind, 5 if you are serious about your toast, 6 if you like it cracky, 7 if you are lazy, 8 if you don't care, 9 you might as well stop having breakfast". Pretty accurate.

The majority of people have opted for between five and seven. Someone got a little more detailed by saying that different toast is for a different topping, specifically that five should be 'with butter alone' while six should be with 'conserves'.

Well, each to their own I say - unless your number one, two, eight or nine that is.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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