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Aldi’s Big Daddy Steak Is Returning Just In Time For The Bank Holiday

Aldi’s Big Daddy Steak Is Returning Just In Time For The Bank Holiday

The 16oz steak costs less than a fiver but it's only going to be in store for one day

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

As we get closer and closer to the next bank holiday, you might be interested to know that Monday also marks the start of National BBQ Week.

Yes, it's that glorious time of year when Aldi flogs steaks that are stupidly large - and the supermarket has just announced that it will be bringing back the Big Daddy this Thursday.

A statement from Aldi said: "Back by popular demand, the 16oz 'Big Daddy' Extra Thick Rump Steak is returning! The 21-day matured steak costs only £4.99 and is best cooked over a very high heat, with a generous resting time.

"But, if you want to get your teeth into one of Aldi's BIG BBQ offers, you'll have to be quick as once it's gone, it's gone!"

It really is cruel that Aldi dangles this delicious piece of meat in front of us for a limited time. They'll be stocking their shelves this Thursday, so you have two days to clear your fridge and freezer to ensure you can stockpile as much as possible.


Remember: it will only be in store for one day only. The bloody teasers.

The supermarket only brings the steak back every once in a while so this is your chance to enjoy it during a Bank Holiday weekend like the one coming up.

Aldi's Tony Baines said: "This premium British rump steak is an example of Aldi's commitment to offering quality, locally-sourced products at amazing low prices, once again allowing customers to make substantial savings on luxury products without compromise."

For those people who might not be the best around a barbeque, rest assured, the people at Aldi have informed us on how to cook this bad boy just right.

A spokesperson says you're meant to cook it on a very high heat and give it 10 minutes of 'resting time' before serving it up to your mates.

Last summer, Aldi served up the mother of all steaks for just £12.99.

The 18-inch Tomahawk was outrageous and was half the price of competitors and several times cheaper than what you'd get at a restaurant. Who knows whether Aldi will rustle up a few of these ones again, especially considering it's BBQ Week from Monday - it would go down an absolute treat.

So whether you want to share this Big Daddy Steak with your mates or horde them all for yourself (which no one would blame you for) make sure you've got your priorities in order for Thursday.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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