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Americans Claim We've Been Eating Pies Wrong This Whole Time

Americans Claim We've Been Eating Pies Wrong This Whole Time

It all has to do with the 'crust to filling ratio'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Pies are one of the best and cheapest ways to tuck into a bit of grub when you're on the move or not looking for something too big.

Whether they fill it with meat, chicken, lamb, kangaroo, turkey, whatever, it's bloody delicious.

We've been eating them for decades and even though some of us still get burned by the searing hot meat inside, we're pretty knowledgeable about how to eat these balls of goodness.

So it's surprising when an American food website explains that we've been eating them wrong this whole time.

Eater 'is the source for people who care about dining and drinking in the world's best food cities', so you expect them to know what they're talking about.

Writing on Twitter, Eater says: "First, the Why: There are two issues with personal pies. One, most frozen savoury pot pies are circular, and sit in an aluminium shell. Scooping each bite with a fork creates an uneven ratio of crust-to-filling.

"The poor crust-to-filling ratio leads to the second problem: the bite's texture. When the filling overpowers the crust, it's overly wet. If you're getting just the crust on the bottom, it can be quite dry.

"The perfect bite happens when the creamy, savoury filling is sandwiched between both the top and bottom crust.

"What's the solution? Flip the pie upside down."

Hold on. Flip the goddamn pie over? Are you mad?!

Eater continues: "This one weird trick solves both problems. You get the ideal filling-to-crust ratio for every bite, maximising the joy of buttery, flaky dough and savoury filling."

Look, not that many people will have tried this, but it's a pretty outrageous claim to make, especially considering I've never heard anyone complain about meat vs pastry ratios when eating a pie.

Usually we just eat them.

Featured Image Credit: Br3nda/Creative Commons

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