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Britain's Best Chippy Explains What Makes Fish And Chips So Great

Britain's Best Chippy Explains What Makes Fish And Chips So Great

Happy National Fish and Chips Day everyone!

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

As you may or may not be aware, today is National Fish and Chips Day. That's not to say it's just a normal Friday - after all, those are the rules - but this is a special Friday.

If any reason were needed, today is the day to get out and grab hold of some battered fish and a heap of deep-fried chips. Hell, do you even need an excuse?

It might be our national dish over here, but there is a longstanding debate about what makes the best fish and chips. Some like curry, some like gravy. Salt and vinegar or not?

So many questions.

With that in mind, we thought we'd get in touch with Krispies, a chippy in Devon that was recently voted the best in the UK at the National Fish and Chip Awards.

Yes, that's a thing.

See, told you it was a thing.

Anyway, they shared their secrets with us to offer an idea of what it takes to be the best in the battering business.

First off - and this seems like a no-brainer - you have to use nice ingredients.

Kelly, from Krispies, told LADbible: "It's [winning the award] been absolutely incredible to see people travelling from all over the UK to try your fish and chips is and a real honour.

"We believe it's about using the finest ingredient's available. Looking after your oil and making sure your staff are well trained to keep the consistency of the product at its best."

Looks alright to me.

"Fish and chips has been around for 160 years, it's the nation's favourite dish! It was never rationed during the Second World War and fish and chips is an experience - it creates family memories."

Obviously, these are all very good points. But perhaps there is something in the idea that eating fish and chips isn't just about batter and fish complementing each other perfectly, or chips and vinegar being a match made in heaven, but more of a nostalgic shared experience of beach holidays gone by.

Or perhaps it is actually that it's just really simple, and it just tastes fantastic. Either answer is plausible.

Salt and vinegar is an absolute no-brainer.

Anyway, if you ever wanted an inside view on the really important questions, here you go.

Mushy peas, yes or no? Gravy or curry sauce?

Kelly told us: "With fish and chips it has to be mushy peas, but out of curry and gravy its curry every time."

Oh, you southerners. Will you ever learn?

It's all gravy, ooh baby.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Krispies

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