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Feast Your Eyes On This Deliciously Outrageous Avocado

Feast Your Eyes On This Deliciously Outrageous Avocado

These long-necked avos can grow up to three feet.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Avocados are a pretty heavenly fruit here in Australia and are treated with the utmost respect - even though they cost a small fortune.

When times have been tough, you could be forking out a few bucks for the stoned fruit and not get much of the green and yellow goodness.

But imagine if you could get your hands on these bad boys grown in Miami, Florida.

Miami Fruit/Facebook

These long-neck avocados have just been harvested by Miami Fruit, who posted photos of the quirky looking avos onto Facebook where they've become mildly famous.

Most people will have never seen avocados like this and naturally tons of people are dying to have them in their pantry.

Writing on social media, the rare fruit and food company said: "The avocados are popping off right now! South Florida farmers grow dozens of unique varieties not common in any other part of the mainland USA.

"This is a long neck avocado grown right here in Miami! It is 100% non-gmo and organic. It is not commonly found in the grocery store because this variety in particular is not grown commercially.

"Here in South Florida, farmers take pride in growing rare varieties.

Miami Fruit

"Many even travel the world looking for seeds to bring back to the states to try to grow. This variety in particular originated in Nicaragua and is now grown small scale here in South Florida by fruit enthusiasts."

The specific species of avocado is Pura Vida and they can grow on average to around 18 inches long and can even get as large as three feet.

While we can't all get to Miami and bring these bad boys back (you can just imagine quarantine having a heart attack over that), the Land Down Under does have some decently sized avocados.

A monster avocado, nicknamed the Avozilla, debuted in Australia three months ago and they're incredible.

WA Fresh Delivered/Facebook

WA Fresh Delivered has posted on Facebook, showing just how big they are compared to normal avos and they're about three times the average size.

"New to WA Fresh Delivered, these massive avocados which are grown on a Queensland-based family farm can grow up to five times the size of a typical variety.

"The Avozilla hasn't sacrificed flavour though, retaining the signature buttery taste of regular sized avocados.

Now it can't be all fun and games and there has to be a catch and sadly there is with these bad boys.

One avozilla will set you back $14 - which is certainly a steep price considering a standard one costs around $2.50.

Featured Image Credit: Miami Fruit/Instagram

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