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Lad Who Doesn't Like Pot Noodle Wins Year's Supply, Doesn't Know What To Do

George Pavlou

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Lad Who Doesn't Like Pot Noodle Wins Year's Supply, Doesn't Know What To Do

Pot Noodle is the every-man's favourite meal. The kind of thing you could whip up in a flash and have for breakfast on a bad day, lunch on a good day and dinner on a desperate day.

Regardless of the context, the time of day or the flavour, Pot Noodle has been a staple part of working class Britain's diet for as long as I can remember. Sixth form, college and university students up and down the country will swear by it.

There was a time in 2004 when a survey claimed it was the most loathed brand in Britain but then they spent loads on ridiculous and funny advertising campaigns that made people forget what they were eating was kind of shit. Everyone was happy.

However, there are still those who don't like those little pots of noodley goodness. Bradley Phillips is a student in that minority. Which is why it was pretty awkward when he, of all the people at John Moores University in Liverpool, won a year's supply of Pot Noodle.


"I won them in a competition for staying in student accommodation another year which I didn't even know I was entered in," he told TheLADbible.

Around 350 Pot Noodles of all flavours were delivered to the 19-year-old's student halls and dumped in his front room. Bradley was living the dream. It was the dream of every other person in the halls apart from him, but it was a dream nonetheless.

Now, what on Earth does someone do with 350 Pot Noodles they have absolutely no intention of eating? He could have given them away to a food bank. He could have put them in a cupboard and waited for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. He could have just given them out to his mates.


To be fair, he did do a bit of the last one as his mates took around 70 of the 350 for themselves. But there's only so much Pot Noodle people can eat.

"Me and all my flatmates were just laughing because it's fucking ridiculous," Bradley continued. "I gave some to my friends but I can't stand them, they just look off-putting."

As a student, money is tight, so the entrepreneur in Bradley decided to put them up for sale and see what sort of cash he could get out of it. As it happens, he managed to get £80 from a local buy and sell Facebook page and a woman came round to collect her goods.


This woman wasn't some great big Pot Noodle devouring monster, she was just a local good Samaritan who then went and donated all the Pot Noodle to the local food bank.

So yeah, Bradley probably could have done it himself but now everyone is a winner - Bradley is £80 up, that woman did a good deed and the food bank is well stocked in Pot Noodle.

A silly story with a happy ending.

Words by George Pavlou


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George Pavlou
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