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Lidl's Popular 99p Churros Are Returning To Stores For 'Spanish Week'

Lidl's Popular 99p Churros Are Returning To Stores For 'Spanish Week'

So, it looks like the heatwave is going to disappear in the next few days - let's face it, we've had a good run but it couldn't last forever, not here in the UK.

If the end of the sunshine has made you twitchy about booking a holiday don't worry, you're not alone. Many people will be thinking about hopping on a plane to Spain to enjoy a bit of their heatwave.


Unfortunately, many of us have full-time jobs and responsibilities so we can't just strike while the iron weather is hot, much as we'd like to up sticks and piss off. But we do have something up our sleeve that's almost as good as a trip to the White Isle and you can thank us later.

Good old Lidl is doing us proud and bringing Spanish vibes to the UK by bringing back their best-selling churros.


The highly-coveted fried dough choux pastry pipe snacks are to hit UK stores on Thursday 9 August for 'Spanish Week' and they only cost 99p for a whopping 500g bag. Come at me.

All consumers need to do is pop the sweet treats in the microwave for 15 minutes and then serve piping hot with a side of gooey chocolate spread. And/or cover them in some sugar and cinnamon.

Credit: Lidl
Credit: Lidl

Your dentist might not be overjoyed but your body will be thanking you. Alright, maybe not your body because they're not exactly packed with goodness but your mind will be pleased.

That being said, if you cover them in cinnamon there are health benefits. Yes, we're clutching at straws but who gives a shit?

So, for starters the spice is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

According to Healthline, it can improve risk factors for heart disease, has a powerful anti-diabetic effect and can help fight off infections.

And if you don't like cinnamon on your churros (weird, but whatever), cocoa or dark chocolate can improve your brain function. You heard it here first.

So all this medical advice means only one thing - churros are actually healthy. We knew this all along - we'll have ten packs thanks, Lidl.

But if you can see through us clinging on to all that 'health' rubbish - maybe you'll like to purchase something genuinely good for you like the 5kg boxes of damaged fruit and veg Lidl will be selling for £1.50. Don't forget the churros though.

Featured Image Credit: LIDL/Pexels

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