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Man Creates McDonald's April Fool's Day McPickle Burger For Real

Man Creates McDonald's April Fool's Day McPickle Burger For Real

The fast food chain shared a video of a McPickle Burger as a April Fool's Day prank

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Remember the McPickle Burger; McDonald's April Fool's Day prank that left people fuming that they couldn't go and get their hands on for real?

Well, one heroic man has made his dreams into reality - and it's every bit as beautiful as you imagined.

The McPickle Burger in all its glory.
Matt Little/@__M_A_T_T___

Matt Little, from Tasmania, spotted the Maccie's prank last week and decided to find out for himself how it would taste. So, he went along to his McDonald's and ordered a Big Mac but told the employee to hold the meat and replace it with a lot of pickles, despite reservations from his 'horrified' wife.

Speaking to, he said: "I went up to the counter trying to explain to the poor girl what I wanted, and she looked at me horrified.

"When she brought it over after we sat down, she looked at me and said, 'That's too many pickles'.

"It's pretty much just a Big Mac without the meat, so two layers of pickles with tomato sauce.

"She (his wife) thought it was a silly idea, so I had to put it on a separate order.

Matt Little was able to order the burger by requesting no meat patties and lots of pickles.
Matt Little/@__M_A_T_T___

"My wife and my six-year-old daughter were just staring at me, confused. They didn't say anything."

His specially made McPickle Burger - which he made on 1 April, of course - cost him AUS$4.05 (£2.20/USD$2.80) which is an absolute bargain, if you ask me.

It seems as though perhaps Matt was so preoccupied with whether or not he could, make the burger, he didn't didn't stop to think if they should - because he reckons it weren't all that great.

He added: "It was probably the wettest burger I'd ever eaten in my life because of all the pickle juice. I did finish it even, but the next morning I still had the tang of pickles.

The original McPickle was shared by McDonald's online on 1 April as a prank.

"I won't be rushing out to get another one. Maybe I'll just save it for an April fool's anniversary burger."

I'm still pretty keen on trying one to be quite honest - and I'm not alone, after the fast-food giant shared a video of the burger on social media, fans flocked to demand McDonald's introduce it for real.

One pickle-lover posted: "Cruel this isn't real," while another added: "Omfg if this is April Fools joke imma be mad".

Featured Image Credit: Matt Little/@__M_A_T_T___

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