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McDonald's Fans Reveal How To Improve Double Big Mac Burger

McDonald's Fans Reveal How To Improve Double Big Mac Burger

Yes that's right - there's a way to make it even better

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

You might have thought McDonald's peaked with the double Big Mac and, for the most part, you'd be completely bang on.

However, a recently revelation from one diner has shown just how quickly things can go from great to mind-blowing. Alright, we might be overexaggerating but it can't be far off.

McDonald's Christmas menu.

So, the Double Big Mac has been released and some people have been complaining that there's not enough cheese or sauce on the top half of the burger. People will always find something to moan about, won't they?

Well, there's a solution to the 'problem' - just ad an extra slice of cheese and extra Big Mac sauce to your order. Easy peasy.

Replying to a tweet from the McDonald's account about the new Double Big Mac, one follower wrote: "Be alright if that top burger wasn't going to be dry as hell. No sauce or cheese on them."

In response, a man we can only assume is a genius said: "Having just ordered one of these, try putting 'Extra Cheese' and 'Extra Big Mac Sauce' on in the Customise menu. The latter even seems to be free."


Well, that's straightforward enough.

If you're a little baffled by the burger, let us break it down for you. This is a four pattied treat (instead of two) which has lettuce, onions, cheese and that famous Big Mac sauce - and it could be yours for just £4.19.

Other newbies on the menu include a Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich (which is £4.39 on its own, or £5.69 for a meal) and a salted caramel latte.

Then there's a Celebrations McFlurry which comes in both the full size version (£1.39) or the mini (99p) as well as Cheese Melt Dippers for £1.79 or a Cheese Melt Dipper Sharebox for £4.79.

The festive menu is on sale right through until 29 December.

Meanwhile, fast-food rivals KFC has been sharing its own festive offerings this month - with a Gravy Burger Meal and Viennetta Krushem.

The former is a gravy lover's dream meal, containing a layer of gravynnaise (a delicious gravy and mayonnaise concoction), an Original Recipe chicken fillet, a slice of melted cheese and a 'hash brown gravy boat', all stacked inside a sesame seed bun.

Meanwhile, the latter is a milkshake drink featuring creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with the intense dark chocolate shards you'll remember from past Viennettas you've loved.

They're available until 3 January. Merry Christmas!

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's

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