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NHS Nutritionist Shares Top Tips To Help You Save At Supermarket

Jake Massey

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NHS Nutritionist Shares Top Tips To Help You Save At Supermarket

An NHS nutritionist has shared her top tips to help you save at the supermarket. Watch here:


Nichola Ludlam-Raine, based near Leeds, has worked for the NHS for more than 10 years and has amassed more than 35,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares nutrition advice.

With many of us feeling the pinch at the moment, she's imparted some of her wisdom to help you save money and time in the supermarket, while also cutting down on food waste and plastic packaging.


A rundown of the 34-year-old's twelve top tips reads as follows:

  1. Write a meal plan & take a shopping list - Such a money and time saver!⁣
  2. Look for deals on fresh fruit & veg - If you can't eat them all in a week, prep to freeze for later!
  3. Opt for loose veg - Saving waste & reducing plastic!⁣⁣
  4. Choose wonky veg ⁣- Because it's what's on the inside that counts!
  5. Buy tins & spices from world food aisle⁣ - More for your money!
  6. Buy own brand (rice/pasta/oats & cereals) - The nutritional value is the often the same!⁣
  7. Tinned over fresh fish - Longer life and tinned oily fish is still a great source of omega 3.⁣
  8. Dried lentils - Use them in stews, curries and soups to make your meals go further.⁣
  9. Buy nuts from the baking aisle - They're often cheaper & there's so much variety!⁣
  10. Don't buy bottled water or ice - Invest in a water filter if you're not keen on straight from the tap!⁣
  11. Frozen berries & mixed veg - A cost effective way to your five a day⁣.
  12. Don't go shopping when hungry! - Have a high fibre and protein snack to keep you fuller for longer and stop you reaching for a snack at the checkout!⁣

Hopefully those pointers come in handy.


But if you're looking to spend more time and money at the supermarket, all you have to do is the exact opposite of what Nichola advises - only buy premium and fresh produce, do not plan and make sure you're starving, ideally drunk too.

But yes, Nichola's way is ultimately more sensible and sustainable, so perhaps just follow her advice.

You can find more of her nutrition advice here.

It's small savings like these which helped young couple Callie O'Grady, 23, and Karl, 28, save £20,000 to put towards their mortgage deposit last year.


Earlier this month they shared some saving tips.

Callie said: "I would budget at the start of every month how much I could save from my salary and then put this into a locked savings account each month, so I could not touch it, unless absolutely necessary.

Small savings at the supermarket could help you meet your long term saving goals. Credit: Pixabay
Small savings at the supermarket could help you meet your long term saving goals. Credit: Pixabay

"Thanks to my money-saving swaps, I've saved £10,000 in just 12 months, and so has my partner."


Another of their tips was to cut down on trips to coffee shops.

Callie - who used to go to her local coffee shop three times a week - said: "I bought my favourite coffee syrup from Amazon and began making my iced lattes from home.

"This saved me £10.50 per week, totalling £550 over 12 months."

Find out more of their tips here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nicsnutrition

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Jake Massey
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