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Nobu Head Chef Reveals Diners Should Eat Sushi With Hands

Nobu Head Chef Reveals Diners Should Eat Sushi With Hands

If you've ever gone for sushi and had more problems with the chopsticks that you care to remember - fear no more because you should just use your fingers, according to one of Nobu's head chefs.

That's right, you don't need to carry on failing to manoeuvre two long wooden sticks in between three fingers (alright, two fingers and a thumb) any longer - and if anyone tells you otherwise, direct them straight to Eleni Manousou.

Eleni is the first female head chef to work at the infamous Nobu chain and she recently revealed that, in her opinion, chopsticks shouldn't be used to handle and eat the popular Japanese cuisine.


The Greek chef, who works at celebrity hotspot Nobu Marbella, also explained how she goes easy on the soy sauce and rarely touched wasabi (can't say we blame her).

Speaking to Femail, the expert said: "In my opinion, you need to eat sushi with your hands. It needs to be fast - as soon as the sushi is served, you want to eat it.

"I dip the fish side into the soy sauce and eat it upside down - with the fish touching my tongue. I'd advise pairing sushi with soy sauce, but only a small amount."

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She went on: "I have seen people submerge their sushi in soy sauce, which is wrong - they'll miss the harmonious taste of the fish and the rice.

"Each person has their own way to eat sushi. My way is a little soy sauce. No wasabi inside. I prefer the fresh wasabi than the classic powder mixing wasabi." I mean, she's a pretty reliable source.

Eleni was trained by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, founder and co-owner of the international chain (the other owner is Robert De Niro, btw).

Touching on her time spent with Nobuyuki she said: "He allows us to put our personal touch in the food, so in each location he also learns something new, which he then teaches in the next location.


"We need to be very focused with regards to the signature dishes, the standard of Nobu, but apart from that, he gives us creative freedom with all the dishes."

Oh and of course she had a recommendation - her Chilean sea bass jalapeno. You're welcome.

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