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Social Media Debate Sparks About How To Make Milo

Social Media Debate Sparks About How To Make Milo

You've probably heard the phrase 'there are plenty of ways to skin a cat'.

While it's not a particularly nice image to have in your head, it's a helpful phrase to remind you that there can be different ways of doing things.

That is incredibly relevant to cooking because while there might be an amazing recipe for a dish, it's up to the individual to determine whether it's right for them.

But there are few food items which are as polarised as the way to make a good, hearty Milo drink.

Credit: down_under_aussie_memes/Instagram
Credit: down_under_aussie_memes/Instagram

The delicious, chocolatey drink known as Milo really only has two main ways of concoction (three if you're being pedantic).

You can either chuck the Milo in first and then the milk or the other way around. The third option is to chuck in milk, then Milo, then milk, but who has that sort of self-control?

While this sounds like a silly argument to have, it seems like there are loads of people who are pretty adamant their way is best.


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Choice Australia put out a poll on Twitter to see which way reigned supreme and interestingly it was the 'Milo on the Bottom' people who won the majority.

People also added their methods to prove their point.

One person wrote: "You put it in the bottom with a dash of hot water to dissolve it, then put in the milk."


Another added: "Bottom, but with a little bit of hot water to help melt it into the drink. Top is just asking for a Milo spoon sneeze in a cup."

A third said: "Bottom. Anything else is unAustralian."

Personally, I like to heat the milk up first in the microwave and then put the Milo in because it dissolves perfectly. But that's just me.

So if you've been doing it the other way, might be time to mix things up and see what you've been missing.

Featured Image Credit: Choice Australia/Twitter

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