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There's A Beer Advent Calendar For This Christmas

There's A Beer Advent Calendar For This Christmas

Why would you want chocolate?

September isn't even over yet and already the promotions for Christmas are starting.

In all honesty, it probably is annoying for your dad, who thinks Christmas should be from 24th - 25th December, and thinks eggnog, presents, decorations and Christmas Crackers are a waste of time. For other people, though, it can only mean one thing...

Credit: Newsflare

Aside from 'Holidays are Coming' lighting up our lives for that one period of the year, it also means we can all listen to 'Do They Know It's Christmas Time?', 'Last Christmas', 'Fairytale of New York', and 'Merry Christmas Everybody' without feeling like an idiot.

This means it's time to start preparing, and you obviously have to start with the most important thing - an advent calendar.

In recent years the daily Christmas treat has developed from chocolate into all sorts, like pork scratchings, wine, gin, squishy toys, and now beer.

What could be better than getting home from work for 24 days knowing that there's a high quality beer waiting to be consumed by you? And you HAVE TO because it's Christmas? Absolutely nothing.

Credit: Beer Hawk

Beer Hawk is supplying this goodness, as its calendar is 'loaded with world-class beers from 22 breweries spanning across seven countries, every day is a surprise'.

The company says: "This year's Advent Calendar is guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned beer drinker. For those on the naughty list who like to sneak a peek at their presents, behind each window you can expect beers from incredible breweries like BrewDog, Magic Rock and Thornbridge, as well as 14 different styles including porters, lambics and pilsners.

"Beer Hawk's experts are providing daily tasting videos to accompany each beer - giving you the inside scoop on your new favourite tipples, as well as tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your craft beer that'll stay with you for a lifetime."

If you buy it now you can get £10 ($13) off, meaning you'll be paying £65 ($86), but you'll also get a £10 beer voucher. Good that, innit?

Credit: Beer Hawk

There's also other stuff on the calendar to sink your teeth into, as it's packed full of festive pop culture references and there might be a prize for the person to spot them all first.

The company added: "This year's Craft Beer Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for those looking to fill the festive season with happiness from the very first day of December. It'll give adults across the UK a daily dose of Christmas cheer - because after all, why should kids get all the fun at Christmas?"

They raise a very, very good point.

Featured Image Credit: Beer Hawk

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