There's A Pork Pie Wedding Cake, And You're Going To Want One

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There's A Pork Pie Wedding Cake, And You're Going To Want One

Alongside the bride's dress, the groom's suit and the flowers, the wedding cake can cause a bit of controversy. What flavour? How big? Tiered or not?

Maybe, now, there's an alternative. The pork pie wedding cake. And looking at the pictures, you'll find it hard to say no.

Oliver Wright is the man behind it all. The 32-year-old from Barnsley, Yorkshire (where else) has been making these masters of creation with his wife and family as part of Chime and Hock Fine Foods.

"It all started with one of the lads from rugby," he told LADbible. "He didn't want a wedding cake, and his missus wasn't keen either. He asked if we could do it, so we got a load of cake tins together and made a four-tier wedding cake."


The idea went on to expand. More and more people decided this was a belting alternative.

"The first one was quite rushed", admitted Oliver. "Now we spend more time on the appeal. We also have to appeal to the female side, so we dress them up with flowers and pastry decorations. It's a lot more refined.


"We market it as the cross between having a wedding cake, but also adding to your buffet at the same time."

Perfection is not something made overnight, as they say. It's something that could quite possible take three nights instead.

"We make the pastry on day one, then rest it," explained Oliver. "The next day, the pastry gets rolled into the cases and we add the mince and seasoning.

"The pie is then rested for 24 hours in a chiller, and gets cooked the following day - usually 12 hours before being served."


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Pork is obviously the main ingredient, but it's the flavours that make these extra special. The most popular one is the black pudding and caramelised onion which, to Oliver, sees the two marry up well.

There's also a huntsman (layers of pork and chicken with stuffing on top), a chorizo one using Spanish sausage, plus peppers and garlic, as well as sweet chilli and pork and apple. But they'll cater for any occasion.


Oliver said: "We had a guy, once, who was mad into his climbing. We had to make little Lego men look like they were climbing up the pie. Some people have some bizarre decorative ideas."

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The company makes an average of 50-60 wedding cakes per year, with the basic starting at £150. The most expensive, to date, cost £500. The company also makes them for birthdays, with prices in the region of £30-£40.


But, most importantly, the makers are Yorkshire through and through. "We make a massive thing that it's all from Yorkshire and locally produced," said Oliver.

"We seem to be in a pork pie-centric area, and although we're a lot younger than other pie producers in the area, we think we've hit a niche."

To have a pie like these at your wedding is a good enough reason to get down on one knee alone.

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