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This Is Why There's Always More Air Than Crisps In Crisp Packets

This Is Why There's Always More Air Than Crisps In Crisp Packets

We've all been there - getting stuck into lunch when you get the gut wrenching feeling that only a half full packet of crisps can produce.

It's one of life's great annoyances, why the fuck are we being flogged packs of crisps with barely anything in them? And don't even get me started on fucking share bags.

Turns out there's actually a reason behind it. We're not just being swined for the sake of it.


Credit: Walkers Crisps via YouTube

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It's actually called 'slack fill', which is needed for when packs are crammed into tight spaces, put on delivery trucks or delivered in anyway so that there's an air cushion stopping the crisps from crushing.

It's also not just oxygen that comes out of the packets once they're opened. They're filled with nitrogen, according to Mental Floss, because oxygen makes the potato snacks go soggy.

"But what about Hula Hoops and Pringles?", I don't hear you asking. Well I'm going to tell you anyway.


Avid crisp fans will be aware that Hula Hoops are put to greater use when eaten off the tips of your fingers, due to their unique holes. Those holes, I assume, give enough air to justify the bag being the correct size and being filled closer to the top.

Again, you'll be aware that Pringles are known for their unique tube packaging. The tube is obviously a lot sturdier than your average crisp bag and can therefore with stand a bit more punishment when being delivered.

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