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Subway Customer 'Ripped Off' By Six-Inch That Isn't Actually Six Inches At All

Subway Customer 'Ripped Off' By Six-Inch That Isn't Actually Six Inches At All

For the love of god Subway, you've got one job. Your one job is to provide us with sandwiches, and we damn well expect them to be the size you advertise them at.

One poor customer was recently left baffled after she unwrapped her sub to find it fell disappointingly short.

Karly Coulton, 33, suspected that she'd been screwed over as soon as she opened her lunch.

She whipped out her ruler (because, there's a point to be made here) and found that the sub measured only 4.5 inches, rather than the 6-inch she'd paid for.


That's a quarter of a sandwich she's been screwed out of here.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Karly said: "I popped out of work to grab a quick bite to eat and Subway was one of the nearest places to go.

"I chose a six-inch inch baguette but thought it looked extremely small, especially for the money.


"Naturally, once I was back in the office my colleagues and I decided to measure it up for size with a ruler, and as suspected, it was not six inches at all!

"I was duped out of an inch and a half. If I go back again I'll be taking my trusty ruler."

The Subway in question in on Honiton Road in Exeter, Devon.

It's not the first time Subway have come under fire for not knowing their inches.


​Subway Is Giving Out Free Six-Inch Subs On Valentine's Day

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A couple of years ago, an entire lawsuit was filed against them for falling short of the promised foot-long.

Subway eventually agreed to settle that case for about half a million dollars, although, they had a strong case to argue why the 12-inches sometimes fall short.

All the loaves weight exactly the same before they're baked, and it's out of the fast-food restaurant's control if some of them grow girth while others grow length.


Apparently, even if the sub falls short, diners should still be getting exactly the same amount of food.

In Karly's case though, it looks like someone's just cut the bread like a moron.

Karly took to Twitter to shame the branch for their sub-standard subs, saying, "Just got back to the office with my £3.80 '6 inch' @SUBWAY (where I've never bought from before) and just bloody look as I thought, not 6 inches at all! I knew I knew my inches #rippedoff#Exeter"

One question left unanswered - did some other lucky sod get the other 7.5 inches?

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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