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TikToker Shows That We've Been Peeling Carrots Wrong All This Time

TikToker Shows That We've Been Peeling Carrots Wrong All This Time

Get yourself a carrot... grab a peeler... and join the group

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd


You might think you've got things figured out at this stage in your life. That is until you realise that you've been peeling carrots... not wrong but not as resourcefully as you could be doing:

The brains behind this video come from a lady called Liv Dalton who shows that peelers can be used up and down the shaft length of a carrot.

You need to make sure you're careful not to get your finger tips but if you rotate the vegetable around, you should be able to remove the outer layer rather efficiently. BOOM.

The video has been viewed more than 475,000 times and the comments didn't disappoint. Our favourite? Simple: "Why am I turned on?" Fair question...

Someone else wrote: "I see u must have some prior experience," while a third agreed, saying: "someone is a pro with lots of practice."

Carrot peeling expert in action.

One person pointed out that they believed the other side of the peeler blade was used just for left-handed people to use but it would seem that's not the case at all.

Hey, don't think we're finished here because there's plenty more where that came from. TikTok happens to actually be a goldmine for the hackers among us.

Last month, another user showed the world how to squeeze juice out of a lemon without making a mess.

Anyone else in need of a lie down following a hard day of hacks?

The mini tutorial was shared by nutritionist Jacqui Baihn with the caption: "I was today years old when I found out you could do this" - and plenty of others were left wondering why they had never been told before.

All you need to get the best possible results is a skewer that is long enough to pierce all the way through the lemon, from top to bottom. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

Then, once the incision has been made, remove the skewer and place a bowl underneath the lemon. And squeeze.

The juice should come pouring out of the hole you have just made, leaving no mess.

If you thought we were going to leave things there you'd be wrong. Have you ever tried to cut a cake with BBQ tongs to create the perfect isosceles triangle shape? Live a little.

We're on a roll.

You can even change the size of the chunks you're cutting depending on how tightly you grip the prongs - for when people tell you 'don't give me loads, just a little piece'.

Now, it's time for a lie down because my work here is done.

Featured Image Credit: Storyblocks

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