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Vegans Place Warning Stickers On Supermarket Meat In Melbourne

Vegans Place Warning Stickers On Supermarket Meat In Melbourne

Just in case you forgot where animals come from.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

If you weren't aware already, your steak or chicken roll or lamb shoulder came from something that used to be alive.

These animals were likely raised on a farm where the farmers on the land looked them after in some capacity and then eventually they were killed to allow people to have food.

But just in case you weren't aware of that, warning labels have been placed on some meat products in a Woolies in Melbourne to ensure that everyone knows.


The St Helena Woolworths was bombarded by vegan stickers which read: "WARNING: This package contains the dead body of someone who wanted to live."

People have been roasting the warning labels on social media.

"WARNING: this packet contains lettuce that enjoyed the fertilizer and didn't want to be picked," wrote one person.

Another added: "I love how vegans assume we all underneath think the same about animals as they do...good luck with that!"


It shouldn't be all that surprising that vegan activism is alive and well in Melbourne considering all the protests staged last month - which saw dozens of people arrested and charged.

The Victorian capital city also recently saw a homeowner post an ad for vegan-only tenants. They're free to recruit whoever they like for the property but people found it surprising and even cried discrimination.

In the most Melbourne post imaginable, the four-bedroom Frankston property was available to anyone happy to give up meat and dairy for the rest of their tenancy.

In screenshots obtained by Channel 9, the ad reads: "Beautiful house just opposite Frankston waterfront and walking distance to bayside shopping centre/railway.

Channel 9/A Current Affair

"House is only for vegan family, no other food/beverages allowed in the house."

Hey, at least it comes fully furnished.

Naturally, people were pretty pissed that someone would discriminate based off someone's dietary choices. A 25-year-old mother who had recently been forced out of her home told A Current Affair that this shouldn't be legal.

"Why should I be discriminated against just because I like pork roast?"

There have also been some anti-vegan protests staged in the city in the past as well, showing that opinion is pretty split on the lifestyle choice.

Footage shows the two men approach the group of vegan protesters on the street before tucking into a huge ball of raw liver.

The men also slate the protesters, claiming that the vegans are 'making people malnourished'.

The clip was shared by YouTuber sv3rige - the same fella who has hit headlines recently after eating raw squirrel and who has previously posted videos in which he claims the Earth is flat and that parents shouldn't vaccinate their children - claiming it can cause autism.

On his channel, he advocates a raw-meat diet, which isn't to everyone's taste, but he reckons is the bees' knees (which he'd eat raw, presumably) and is the 'healthy' and 'natural' way for humans to live.

Since being shared, it's received mixed reviews with some people heaping praise on the men for speaking out against veganism and others urging people to 'live and let live'...or 'live and let eat'.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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