People Are Baffled By The £1.25 Million Price Tag On This London Home

1 of 12People baffled by £1.25 million price tag for a fairly normal-looking house in Sydenham, East London.

This house is in South East London, and has been listed on Rightmove for 'offers over' £1.25 million.

A lot of people are shocked and baffled at such a huge price tag on a fairly normal looking house.

2 of 12The living room

The living room

Sure, on the inside it's pretty well turned out, and stylishly decorated, but for £1.25 million that's the least you'd expect.

3 of 12The office space

The office space

Rightmove describes the house as an 'elegantly presented mid-century modern four-bedroom townhouse with many original features'.

4 of 12The back garden

The back garden

And sure, the garden is nice, but a lot of people are pretty put off by the price tag placed on the property. I mean, for £1.25 million you'd want to be getting somewhere with a swimming pool, or a helicopter pad, or a private basketball court, not just a normal house in an admittedly lovely London suburb.

5 of 12The master bedroom

The master bedroom

The house has four bedrooms, a nice enough bathroom, and a large kitchen, but - again - that's the minimum requirement if you're gonna fork over more money than most people will ever see in their lifetime.

6 of 12The bathroom

The bathroom

After it was shared on Twitter, one person commented: "I predict a mass exodus out of London. I think that the northern cities of Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield have a lot to offer in terms of standard of living/quality of life that most Londoners currently can't afford."

7 of 12Another view of the garden

Another view of the garden

A second person added: "To be fair that's as leafy and rural feeling as that part of London gets. The houses there are massive and a lot of them have views across the whole of London. Still no excuse for any of London's house prices though, especially ones that look like them."

8 of 12Another bedroom

Another of the bedrooms

A third said: "Yeah, for that price it would have to cook the meals, wash the clothes, clean the house, generate income to pay the mortgage, detect any maintenance, design and decorate all the rooms, be off grid and do the MOT on a car as a bonus."

9 of 12The dining area

The dining area

However, some have defended the price, saying that - in this cursed world we live in - a property is only worth what someone will pay for it.

10 of 12The hallway and stairs

The hallway and stairs

One such defender said: "Houses, like any other commodities or assets, are worth whet people will pay for them. Whether it seems ludicrously expensive or surprisingly good value will only be decided by one thing: will someone buy it at that price?"

11 of 12The kitchen

The kitchen

Well, one thing is for certain, whoever picks up this house better bring their chequebook. It might be nice, but at that price, it's certainly beyond what most people living in London - or anywhere for that matter - can reasonably expect to be able to afford.

12 of 12Another outside view

Another outside view

We'll just have to wait and see whether Rightmove - and the seller - can manage to get that price for the property. Unfortunately, the smart money suggests that they will.

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