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Chris Evans Invites Bullied Kid To 'Avengers: Infinity War' Premiere

Chris Evans Invites Bullied Kid To 'Avengers: Infinity War' Premiere

Avengers star Chris Evans is the latest person to show he cares for bullying victim Keaton Jones after his tearful video went viral.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

It's only been a few days since bullying victim Keaton Jones' video came out and he must already be feeling a hell of a lot better.

Since his mum posted the tearful video online, in which he outlined how afraid he was to face bullies at lunchtime, tons of celebrities have come forward to track the kid down and cheer him up, including NFL tight end Delanie Walker, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, and Star Wars' Mark Hamill.

Now Captain America's Chris Evans is the next on the list as he looked to cheer Keaton up by sending him words of advice via Twitter, along with a big surprise: an invitation for him and his mum to attend the Avengers: Infinity War premiere next week. How good is that?

It's a pretty incredible gesture, and inspired thousands of people to leave encouraging comments across Twitter in the hours after the video was posted. Some have even been inspired to do the same.

Soon after Evans made his invitation, True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld looked to follow his lead and made a video message for Keaton, inviting him to the premiere of Pitch Perfect 3:

Hip hop Cardi B even got in on the act, too:

Before turning away at the end of his video, Keaton bravely sought to offer encouragement to other kids who are facing being bullied at school.

"People that are different don't need to be criticised about it," he said. "It's not their fault. But if you are made fun of, just don't let it bother you. Stay strong, I guess."

Now he's been invited to NFL games and to the red carpet on movie premieres, Keaton's going to be the coolest kid in school. Especially when he's got a superhero on his side.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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