Hero Lad Helps Save Stranded Woman While Out Playing ​Pokémon Go

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Hero Lad Helps Save Stranded Woman While Out Playing ​Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go has been responsible for a lot. Aside from being in every other headline you read, it has also helped people lose weight, fight depression, find dead bodies, hook up with other players, and let players catch other people hooking up in office windows.

Where there's a headline, there's a way of fitting Pokémon Go into it to make it all the more relatable to the every-day reader.

And to be fair to us and our sub-editors, the headline writers, it's not like we're deliberately shoving Pokémon Go into every article we can. It's just that more often than not, when we talk to the people involved in the story, they're usually playing Pokémon Go as things unfold.


Take for example Antony Pointon. He helped save an elderly woman's life by guiding a lost air ambulance to her location... while playing Pokémon Go.

Antony, 35, was out walking in the Danes Moss Nature Reserve, Macclesfield, trying to hatch a 5km egg (from which he captured an Exeggcute, if you're interested) when he saw a dog about 200 yards away sprinting towards him and whining.

"It's been a pretty good spot for rare Pokémon," Antony, from Macclesfield, told theLADbible. "When I got onto the footpath, after catching a Rhyhorn, there was a dog sprinting towards me and jumping up at me."


Obviously in distress, Antony decided to follow the dog and found a lady, around 60 years old, who had slipped and fallen into a bog 6ft below the footpath. She was waist deep and had managed to call 999 but they couldn't find her.

The woman also had hold of her other dog, trying to save him from sinking into the bog. It was looking bleak.

He continued: "It was at that point the helicopter turned up. They'd been looking around for 15-20 minutes before I found her.

"They'd found her dog on the infra-red, they just couldn't locate her."


Thankfully the paramedics were able to haul the woman out of the bog and took her to A&E for a check-up.

"They were the proper heroes," Antony said.

As it turned out, she was OK and text Antony later that day to thank him. But for some very sore legs from straining against the mud, she was absolutely fine, even though it could have been so much worse.


Pokémon Go hits another headline because Antony saved a woman stranded in a bog in the middle of a big nature reserve who couldn't be found by emergency services.

Pokémon Go can add 'life-saver' to its list of achievements.

Words by George Pavlou

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