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Husband, 84, Releases Tutorial After Learning To Do Wife's Make Up Because She's Going Blind

Husband, 84, Releases Tutorial After Learning To Do Wife's Make Up Because She's Going Blind

A husband who learnt to do his wife's makeup after she started going blind has now released his very own video - telling people that 'less is more'.


Des Monahan, 84, hit headlines earlier this year when it was revealed he'd been learning how to apply makeup for wife Mona, an 83-year-old who is sadly losing her sight.

They popped off to Debenhams last October and signed up for a full course of makeup classes, which is quite possibly the very best example of #couplegoals ever.

But now Des has also released his own little makeup video, which has been produced in collaboration with EX1 Cosmetics to help show others what to do.

In the clip, Des showers his wife with compliments as he applies her foundation, saying at one point as he works on a 'paparazzi look': "There's not really much to conceal Mona, you're perfect."

Credit: StoryTrender
Credit: StoryTrender

He also explains that he doesn't like to use too much makeup, in order to ensure Mona's look is a natural one - telling her: "Your skin looks flawless, even Michelangelo would be jealous."

Des, who went on his first date with Mona back in December 1952, said he just wants Mona to 'feel good'.

"With Mona's poor eyesight, the chances are she wasn't able to do her own makeup," Des explains in the video.

"One eye doesn't work, and the other one is only at half power."

Mona adds: "I love the idea of getting up and getting my face done, and be ready to face the world. I absolutely love it."

As Des finishes up her look, he cheekily tells the camera that the two are doing on a date that night.

He picked up the tricks of the trade from Benefit Cosmetics employee Rosie O'Driscoll, who has helped Des master drawing on eyebrows, as well as applying bronzer, blusher, lipstick and mascara.

"Des and Mona's story shows that no matter your age or gender there is always new skills that can be learnt," Rosie told Caters.

"If Des doesn't like a certain lipstick colour on Mona he'll tell me straight away.

"He prefers using a pencil to draw in her brows and is very particular with the looks we try on his wife.

"Des had never picked up a make-up brush before but look at him now, I'm so proud of him.

"We've had so many older people come into see us at the Benefit counter since Des started.

"Benefit make-up is for people of any age, this story gets the message across that no matter your age it's always important to look and feel nice."

Rosie added: "Des and Mona are madly in love with each other and it's amazing to help share their story."

Featured Image Credit: EX1 Cosmetics

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