Jake Paul Rescinds $50 Million Offer To Conor McGregor After Loss

Jake Paul Rescinds $50 Million Offer To Conor McGregor After Loss

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‘Iraqi Batman’ In Bulletproof BMW Saves 70 People From ISIS Snipers

‘Iraqi Batman’ In Bulletproof BMW Saves 70 People From ISIS Snipers

I've heard people ask in the past: "Why would anyone need a bulletproof car?" I don't suppose those guys have met Ako Abdulrahman, who has just saved the lives of many after making sure his BMW included that added protection.

His motor, with him in the driving seat, acted as a barrier and saved more than 70 lives when ISIS sniper men tried to attack unsuspecting civilians in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

A Reddit post, uploaded by speckz, has circulated the Internet in commemoration of the heroic actions of the Kurdish Peshmerga fighter. One fitting comment stated that he's the "Iraqi Batman".


The decision to buy the car in the first place followed Ako himself coming under attack from ISIS militants advancing around the city.

"My friends were very happy when I bought the armoured car," he told CNN. "We started driving in it to the front line near Kirkuk, not worried about ISIS drive-by shootings or roadside bombs."

On October 21, dozens of ISIS radicals carried out a coordinated series of attacks on the oil-rich city. It targeted security forces and civilians in several neighbourhoods, leaving more than 60 people dead and more than a 100 others wounded.


Ako decided to assist any way he could. "I am a fighter and I have a bulletproof car, shame on me if I can't help," he said.

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He got in to his pride and joy and drove directly into the battlefield in the bid to rescue those who had been injured. Ako made many trips, back and forth, despite ISIS gunmen showering the vehicle with 'more than 50 bullets'.


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He explained: "I kept telling myself, 'my people are in danger, they need me, my city is in danger, I have to protect it'.

"When I arrived at the scene, I saw many people on the ground, civilians and security forces and no one could dare to come close because of ISIS snipers and random shooting."


In light of Ako's selfless actions, Kirkuk Gov. Dr. Najmaldin Karmin has personally thanked him and offered the Peshmerga fighter a reward of 500,000 Iraqi dinars (£345), which he almost immediately turned down. He even rejected getting a brand-new car out of it.

Instead of milking the situation for everything it was worth, the humble fighter simply asked for his run-around to be repaired so that he can continue using it.

"I am not a hero, I am only an ordinary Iraqi who wants to defeat his country from criminals and killers," he said.


We beg to differ. After that incredible stunt, this man is by its very definition a hero. And a bloody valiant one at that.

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