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Meet The Australian Businessman Who Wears High Heels To Work Every Day

Meet The Australian Businessman Who Wears High Heels To Work Every Day

He says they make him feel 'fierce' - it's hard to disagree.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

We all know that in the world of business, confidence is key. That means that you'll take any opportunity to make yourself feel a million dollars. Australian Ashley Maxwell-Lam has found a novel way to achieve that - wearing stiletto heels to work. Take a look at the video to see for yourself.

Maxwell-Lam is a 30-year-old project manager for an insurance company and loves nothing more than donning a pair of high heeled shoes for his day in the corporate world.

Unlike many women who absolutely detest wearing huge heels because they can be uncomfortable and difficult to walk in, Ashley thinks that they give him an extra edge.

A female co-worker once told him how confident and strong she felt when walking around in her heels so he decided to give it a try and has stuck with it.

He told Channel 10 news channel's The Project: "It's fierce. No one expects to see a six-foot-tall man walking in six-inch stilettos.

"I thought about it and went to a shoe store and tried them on and it was if a light bulb switched on,

"I felt confident, I felt invincible, I felt empowered; like I could take on anything and do anything."

Fair enough. He's now built up quite the collection of stilettos; he's got four pairs that he wears for work, and five for when he is out and about.

The Project

He admits that it was difficult to approach his boss and tell her about it but he got it out of the way and hasn't looked back since.

In an interview with, he said: "When I decided to wear them at work, I told my (manager) and she said, 'Let me just confirm that's OK'. It was her making sure I wouldn't get in trouble, but I replied, 'This is not me asking, this is not a request, this is me telling you I'm going to be wearing heels'."

He still dresses as most of the men in his industry would from the feet upwards, but he describes his unique style as 'dapper feminine'.

He explained: "I always pair my belt with my heels. If I wear my grey slacks with a red belt I'll wear my red shoes.

"At the weekend, it might be sparkly heels with black skinny-leg jeans and a muscle tee or purple ones if I'm going clubbing.

"I don't want to be a woman, I love being a man. I just love the complete contrast between masculinity and femininity. It makes people question things, just because he's gay and wears nails doesn't mean he doesn't know how to use a chainsaw."

Fair enough. Leave the chainsaw at home when you go to work though, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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