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Model Loses Huge Number Of Followers After She Stops Posting Fitness #Inspiration

Model Loses Huge Number Of Followers After She Stops Posting Fitness #Inspiration

A fitness blogger has spoken out about losing 70,000 followers after she decided to stop posting bikini photos and fitness inspiration.

Sophie Gray has said that she will never post a bikini photo again as the posts were 'harmful' to many of the people viewing them.


She also said that pizza and cookies are much better than feeling fit and rejected her past Instragram habits.

She wrote : "Having a six-pack and thigh gap doesn't make you happy. Pizza and cookies are fucking delicious.

"And I'm sick of women being told they have to be anything other than themselves to be happy.

"I know I was in the #fitspo industry for years, and I still want you to care for your body - but this [is] bullshit."


In a move that is its own kind #inspiration she has changed her lifestyle so that she is now eating pizza, ice cream, chocolate, donuts. Although, couch potatoes looking for a new hero should probably, be aware that she is still working out and balancing her diet to make sure she's healthy.

Sophie is on a campaign to promote body positivity, posting a picture alongside the caption: "Self love over six packs."

Have you been all levels of emotional lately? I cried in my shower this morning thinking about the ending of Wonder Women. I also cried uncontrollably for 15 minutes while hugging Rio because I know one day I won't be able to do that. All of the emotions. Can you relate?!! If you have been going through something similar the past week or so, know you're not alone. I won't go all woo woo on you, but the moon plays a huge role in our emotional experience as women. It's bizarre to me that I can have these crying fits, or deeper, more "I'm not moving from my couch for 2 days straight" experiences and in the moment think I'm so alone. But, when I connect with my girlfriends, I learn that they're experiencing the same thing. This connection and ability to hear what they're going through instantly makes me feel better. It doesn't make me feel better because I'm stoked that they're hurting. It makes me feel better because it shows me just how connected we all are, especially women. I'll be completely honest... I have never had a great relationship with my female peers. My own insecurities left me feeling judged, insecure and shut down. It feels like as women we were trained to see each other as enemies, or competition. This couldn't be further from the truth. As of late I have been learning the absolutely necessity of finding people to connect with. I know it can take a long time to find girlfriends who lift you up, so I want to give a space for that right now. Is there something you're going through that's making you feel really alone? Or have you been crying uncontrollably about random things? I would love to hear your experience below. But, I'm making a rule.. if you're sharing - connect with at least one of the other lovely ladies who have shared their experiences. Connect. Relate. Be vulnerable. This isn't a place to vent or rant. It's a thread to show up, be heard and connect. It's not about dwelling in these experiences. It's about allowing them to be heard and then instantly releasing them. Okay, go! Tell me what you're going through. Or, what you have been crying about recently. Share, and know it's a safe space to do so.

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The move at first meant her follower count dropped from 430,000 to 360,000. However, since then, her following has slightly improved, bringing her up to 374,000 followers.

She has also used the platform to promote awareness around self harming. In a recent post she admitted to self harming when she was younger, in part because she was so obsessed with fitness.

She wrote: "@WayofGray is for the girl, nine years ago, who touched a blade to her skin her the first time. It's for the girl who felt as though her pain was out of her control and had to regain it through self harm.

"It's for the girl who looked in the mirror and only saw what she thought she lacked. It's for the girl who didn't want to exist within her body and her life anymore. It's for the girl who cried herself to sleep and carved permanent scars into her body. It's for me. But, @WayofGray is also for you.

"It's for you if you have ever, even for a split second, wanted to be someone else. It's for you if you have ever wanted to be prettier, smarter, or more successful. It's for you if you have ever just wanted to be less you.

"It's for all of us."

An inspiring message.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / wayofgray

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