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People Are Putting Up Their Christmas Lights To Cheer Themselves Up

People Are Putting Up Their Christmas Lights To Cheer Themselves Up

Remember December? Our biggest concern was the election, we were getting all excited for our annual two week bender - the world was a simpler place.

So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, people have tried to bring back a bit of festive magic amid all this coronavirus business and have put their Christmas lights back up.

If, like me, you couldn't be bothered to take them down, you'll be pleased to know it's now socially acceptable to plug them back in again.


People around the world have shared their decorations on Twitter, and even the most cynical among us must feel that humanity is once again proving itself to be better than we thought.

Of course - there is no taking away from the seriousness of the situation. More than 8,900 worldwide have died after testing positive from Covid-19, businesses are struggling and thousands of people have lost their jobs and been made redundant. It's worth remembering though that 84,383 have totally recovered from the virus.

But, it's the small things that keep people going in testing times, and we are ALL here for a bit of extra Christmas cheer, even if it is nearly spring.


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Some people are even gathering their neighbours up to join forces:


People Are Putting Up Christmas Decorations To Cheer Themselves Up

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And the festive cheer doesn't stop there:


Repeat after me LADs: It's the most wonderful time of the year. Promise.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Mike Griffin

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