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American Reveals 'Random Things' She's Learnt Living In The UK

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American Reveals 'Random Things' She's Learnt Living In The UK

An American has shared some of the 'random things' she's learnt since moving to the UK. Watch here:


Michelle King has embedded herself in the culture on this side of The Pond, and she's shared a few food-based observations on TikTok.

She said: "Since living in the UK I've learnt something very important. There are two types of people: Branston beans people and Heinz beans people."


She added in a subsequent video: "So you know how in my last video I was talking about two types of people, with regards to beans?

"Well, there's another two types of people in the UK. There are people, who on their scones, put clotted cream and then jam. And then there are people who put jam and then clotted cream."

Man, I want a scone now. Clotted cream and jam on all sides of one of those b******s.

Wrong way around that, isn't it? Credit: PA
Wrong way around that, isn't it? Credit: PA

Michelle has also noticed how divisive the name assigned to a bread roll/butty/bap/barm/bun/cob can be.

She said: "Whatever you call this thing right here can make someone your best friend, or your worst enemy."

In another video, Michelle outlined a few reasons why she loves living in the UK (mainly the insistence on flicking the kettle on all the time and Staffordshire Bull Terriers) - and she is not the only American enjoying life on this side of the Atlantic.

Michelle King. Credit: TikTok/@micheped
Michelle King. Credit: TikTok/@micheped

Imgur user Chimichanga007 explained that he moved to the UK for work for a couple of years and admitted he developed 'survivor's guilt after experiencing living in a sane country compared to America'.

Claiming the difference between the nations is like 'night and day', he reeled off a list of reasons why he think the quality of life is better in the UK.

It reads as follows:

  • "Free ATMs everywhere. Banks aren't making loot preying on the poor with fees like USA."
  • "Tons of paid holiday at every job."
  • "Public right of way walking paths all over the place."
  • "10 dollar (£7) prescription drugs."
  • "OTC [over the counter] drugs way cheaper."
  • "Modern and plentiful public transit."
  • "Less expensive and better quality fresh veg and meat."
  • "Cops that seem like servants not lunatic power trippers."
  • "Workers take their breaks religiously."
  • "Went to the ER and I got emotional because they treated me like a human being and I wouldn't go into debt. (Getting emotional makes them embarrassed though so don't recommend)."
  • "Feeling that's hard to explain but imagine you know that everyone you know, your neighbours, random strangers, kids, moms, grannys, everyone you see everyday is covered and can go free to a doctor or ER [emergency room], taking care of each other."

Nice not having guns everywhere as well, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: PA/TikTok - @micheped

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Jake Massey
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