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Americans Are Listing All The Things They Find Weird About Europe

Americans Are Listing All The Things They Find Weird About Europe

The whole point of travelling to other countries is to experience different cultures, ways of life, cuisines and sights. While you might be shocked, surprised, disgusted or amazed at what you see when you leave the confines of your town, city or country - you get to enjoy the rest of your days being a little bit wiser to how other people live their lives.


Usually, there will be a few things that you notice on your travels which are startlingly different from your country and Americans seem to have plenty pointers after visiting Europe.

A Reddit thread, with more than 35,000 comments, has given people from the US a platform to air their grievances about the very diverse continent.

What's the first thing that pops into your mind?


Well, according to the page, the top comment has zeroed in on Amsterdam, but it's not the Red-Light District or the coffee shops that confused the American, it was the bikes.

The Reddit user wrote: "My American friends who visited the Netherlands [were] completely surprised by our bicycle 'things'. So many bicycles, everywhere. Everybody riding without a helmet. So many different bicycles."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Another user was impressed to see pubs, restaurants and clubs inside really old buildings.

They wrote: "Like in the UK, drinking in pub that had been in the same spot since the 11th Century, or eating dinner at restaurant in an 18th cathedral. Or in Prague going to club in a 14th Century stone cellar."

While some travellers get very excited to see the country's native fauna, this person was amazed to see a distinct lack of one particular type of animal in the UK: insects. User Dmillz34 said: "Not that they don't exist [in England] but I'm from Michigan with lots of swampy land around me.

"When I showed up at my dorm and saw there was no screen on my window I was just thinking about all of the bugs that are going to get in my room. I got one fly the entire month stay there."

To be fair, that's a pretty decent plus side of living in the UK.


Most people know that Americans take their sport very seriously, whether it be baseball, NFL, basketball or anything else. But one person from the US was shocked to see how orderly people were after leaving a football match in Germany.

Fearing the incredible level of drunkenness would spark a riot after the match was finished, in addition to just 'four or five cops' around, user DoctorMyEyes_ recalled: "Virtually an entire stadium, it seemed, exited to go to this one nearest subway stop. THOUSANDS of people, lots of them intoxicated, heading toward these 5 cops at this one exit.

"It's going to be a disaster.

"The crowd reached the cops and .... just ... stopped. Everyone stopped. No one fought. Cops let enough people by to fill the first train, then the rest stopped, and so on and so forth until our group went."

Other people recounted feeling weird eating in empty restaurants in Italy and Spain, not aware locals don't go out until 10 or 11pm most nights. A few mentioned the annoyance of having to pay to use public bathrooms or toilets in restaurants or bars.

But pretty much everyone agreed that the cheapness and incredibly wide availability of alcohol was a big plus.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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