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Americans Share The Things They Didn't Realise Were 'Typically American' Before Travelling Abroad

Americans Share The Things They Didn't Realise Were 'Typically American' Before Travelling Abroad

Bacon... adding tax... smiling?!

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you're from America but are lucky enough to have ventured out a few times, you may have come to realise there are a few differences.

Back in 2019, one Reddit user asked the question: "Americans of Reddit, what is something you didn't realise was typically American, until you went abroad?"

Some of the responses were eye-opening.

One person wrote: "In the UK the word bacon is not the same as the US bacon. You call US bacon, streaky bacon. This caused me to be very sad the first time I ordered bacon while on holiday."


Another added: "How large grocery stores are here. My wife is not American, and we lived in China.

"She didn't really grasp the size of American grocery stores until our first week in the USA. Here, there's 150 feet of different cereals in one aisle."

A third commented: "Jaywalking. The rest of the world thinks this is a made-up crime you only see in movies with corrupt cops."


"The stereotype about us being loud is true," another said, adding: "I never thought of myself as being loud until I went abroad and would hang up the phone after speaking in what I thought was appropriate volume to find everyone around me was staring at me, and realized how much more quiet they were lol whoops."

Another said they had to PAY for ketchup while there were at a buffet in Germany.

Someone replied to the comment saying: "Of all the things I've read in this thread, this is by far the worst one."

We couldn't agree more.


Americans also missed out on ice in their water, with one writing: "Cold drinks. In every European country I visited, the drinks would best be described as cool, but definitely not cold like in the US."

But on the plus side, many Americans found the rules around public drinking were much more lenient overseas.

One wrote: "When I studied in the UK, the lack of public drinking laws was a bit of a culture shock.

"Being able to walk outside with a bottle of beer was very freeing."

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