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Are You Doing Dry January 2018? Is It Actually Worth It & How Does It Affect Your Body?

Tom Wood

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Are You Doing Dry January 2018? Is It Actually Worth It & How Does It Affect Your Body?

So, we're now 10 days into Dry January. How are you feeling? You're probably a bit fresher in the morning and maybe even a little smug, but you must be feeling a bit bored by now and dreading the next 21 days until you can return to the sesh.

Well, here's some inspiration to keep you going through the long January nights.

First of all, you aren't alone. The charity Alcohol Concern reckons that millions of people are now doing Dry January, so we're all in this misery together.

Alcohol Concern says that by backing Dry January they are trying to "enable you to take control of your relationship with alcohol" as well as "drive a conversation" about our collective relationship with the sauce.


But is knocking booze on the head good for you? In short, yes.

There's a general acceptance that drinking loads raises the risk of serious illnesses such as cancer, dementia, stroke, liver disease, depression, heart disease, as well as being full of calories and affecting your sleep.

Whilst giving up alcohol won't guarantee that you won't get sick or that you'll suddenly shed 10 stone and get eight sweet hours of kip every night it certainly gives you a better shot.


You could lose a bit of the Christmas timber just from stopping drinking wine - half a bottle of wine has as many calories as a Snickers bar.

On top of the superficial benefits like being able to fit back into your jeans, and your liver getting a much needed holiday after the constant booze barrage of the holiday period, it can have a great effect on your mental state as well.

Alcohol is a depressant and January is a depressing month, which could lead you down a pretty bleak avenue if you drink heavily throughout the year's darkest month.

You won't be wallowing, though, as you'll be avoiding alcohol's depressing effects, saving money from not going to the pub, and you'll have loads of motivation from sleeping better.


Another benefit of sobriety is that your immune system will improve - protecting you against the dreaded Aussie Flu that's sweeping the UK just now.

Finally, a word of warning - when February rolls around, don't go too hard. The best benefit of Dry January is probably that it allows you to be mindful of how much you drink and to change your drinking habits long term.

Also, you'll not have had a drink for a month and you'll make a dick out of yourself.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Tom Wood
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