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Aussie Women Are Calling For Unisex Toilets At Big Venues Because Female Bathroom Lines Get Really Long

Aussie Women Are Calling For Unisex Toilets At Big Venues Because Female Bathroom Lines Get Really Long

The debate was sparked after some women waited up to 20 minutes at a Hugh Jackman concert in Brisbane to use the loo.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

If you're at a concert, sporting match or other type of event at a large venue, chances are you've had to wait for the bathroom.

While blokes have to wait to use the urinal or cubicle, the time dancing on the spot trying to hold it all in isn't remotely close to what women experience.

However, it seems like this unequal situation has reached its tipping point in Australia after a Hugh Jackman concert in Brisbane.


During the interval, some women waited up to 20 minutes to use the bathroom and many feared they would miss out on the performance.

Exasperated concert goer Jo told the ABC: "When you go to the toilet you've got these huge big lines of women but then you look at the men's toilet...and there's just no line-up.

"It came to desperate measures where I thought: 'I don't want to miss the second part of the show, I need to pee, I don't think the men will mind'."


Blokes are lucky because usually there will be loads of urinals or better yet a trough where you can cram as many bodies as possible in.

However, women obviously have to wait for each individual cubicle to be free.

That has led to many calling for venues to introduce unisex toilets so that the playing field is a bit more level.

"If you said no to this, you've never been to a large-scale event. We all wee, if you're a lady and you're happy to go unisex it will obviously be popular," Kane told the ABC.

"I quite often use the men's if there's a long line. Stuff waiting in the queue, waste of my time. Unisex toilets would be great!" Lisa added.

Unisex bathroom lines will probably look like this.
Neil Rickards/Flickr
Another user said that if unisex toilets were to be introduced, she would want the urinals to be down the very back because she doesn't want to smell or see them.

Well, it's a bathroom, they're not exactly rooms full of fresh, beautiful smells are they?

A spokesperson for the Brisbane Entertainment Centre explained that state government regulations made it difficult to just chuck in a few gender neutral bathrooms. So, it could be in the Palaszczuk government's hands to get that changed if they want to keep the people happy.

But just don't expect changes soon; these types of things take ages and stakeholders have to jump through a load of hoops in order to get it done.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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