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Mum Praises £6.95 Cream For Curing Baby Son’s Painful Eczema

Mum Praises £6.95 Cream For Curing Baby Son’s Painful Eczema

“His skin was transformed, and he’s not had a single flare up since. It really is dream cream"

Eczema is different for everyone: it can be a mild inconvenience for some while it can be agonising for others. People fork out hundreds of pounds to treat the itchy, red, dry and cracked skin and only get mild relief.

But one mum has found an incredibly cheap solution for her baby boy who was suffering from a very painful form of the condition.

Cash Rudd's eczema was so bad that the itchiness would often cause him to scratch himself until he bled. His mum Sarah tried everything on the market to fix the situation, but it kept coming back.

"He got very red around his forehead and had these angry sores come up. It spread to his scalp and would come down between his eyes," the 36-year-old said.

"Even as a new-born he would be trying to claw at it. Everything we bought for him to wear came with scratch mittens.


"He was a hot mess. He would just scratch and sweat, he was getting himself so upset."

Sarah explained how she would often have to hold her baby's arms until he fell asleep to keep him from clawing at his face. She stopped breastfeeding and put him on different diets - but nothing worked.

It wasn't until she picked up a tub of Lush's Dream Cream, which is only £6.95, that she saw dramatic results. In just a few hours, the redness faded away from Cash's forehead and he seemed to be in a much better mood.

"We went out and bought some...and put it on him that evening. Within ten hours it had completely gone - he was just left with the scratches.


"His skin was transformed, and he's not had a single flare up since. It really is dream cream.

"Lots of people who have psoriasis said it worked for them. It's obviously got some really healing benefits. It's been an absolute miracle for him and it was instant. All of the redness and the lumps had gone and his skin was clear.

"We returned to the doctor so he could have his jabs and they couldn't believe it.

"He's now completely different. He smiles all the time, he's content and he's a really easy baby. He's sleeping through the night and he's a lot calmer."

Experts are still unclear on what exactly causes eczema, but it usually occurs in people with allergies. It can also develop with hay fever and asthma and can be triggered by things like 'soaps, detergents, stress and the weather' according to NHS Choices.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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