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Bloke Dismantles Washing Machine And Find Loads Of Missing Socks

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Bloke Dismantles Washing Machine And Find Loads Of Missing Socks

A man has dismantled his washing machine and found a bunch of missing socks. So, for anyone wondering where the other sock goes, it could be hiding out inside your washing machine. Watch below:


Gillimar Alves, 26, from Katy in Texas, decided to investigate after noticing a sock fall when he was taking out a load of washing but not being able to see where it went.

Upon closer inspection, he saw a small gap on the outside of the drum inside his washing machine leading to a space between the drum and the side of the washing machine.


Intrigued and wanting to check it out further, Gillimar, a real estate student, worked out how to remove an external panel.

Once he'd manage to crack open the washing machine he found not only the most recent missing socks but loads of older missing socks, too.

Gillimar says he's been living in the house - and using that washing machine - for five months and noticed that many of the socks he found weren't his as they belonged to children or women.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

This machine has clearly been up to its sock stealing tricks for a long time.

Gillimar said: "I was doing laundry and as I was pulling clothes out of the washer I noticed a sock fall back into the washer, but when I looked it was nowhere to be found.

"So then I looked into the washer and noticed that there was a space between the washing tub and the actual side of the washer.

"I realised there must be a way to remove one of the panels from my washer and have access to all the missing socks."

Gillimar Alves. Credit: Caters
Gillimar Alves. Credit: Caters

Gillimar said he was 'not surprised' when he found all the socks - presumably because he's had his suspicions about the mystery of where the other sock goes for some time.

He added: "I was shocked but not surprised. It all made sense! What was the most shocking was seeing socks that I didn't recognise.

"It turns out it was about 20 socks and I would say nine of them were mine, and 11 of them were not. They were mostly children's socks."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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Claire Reid
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