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Bumble Match Who Married On First Date Divorce After Two Months

Bumble Match Who Married On First Date Divorce After Two Months

The former Las Vegas bride is now dating two younger men and says she will never be monogamous again

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Most marriages seem to face challenges somewhere along the way; but it seems quite likely devoting your life to someone else is going to be a touch more challenging if you've never met them before.

In December, Sarah Elliott and Paul Edwards matched on dating app Bumble, and 10 days later, they met for the first time at Gatwick Airport, flying straight to Las Vegas to get married.

Paul and Sarah got married in Las Vegas just after meeting each other.

The unorthodox nature of this hitching only got more unusual from there, with the newlyweds moving in with two of Sarah's ex-boyfriends - who were both also called Paul.

But for anyone thinking this sounds like the perfect recipe for a long and happy marriage, I'm afraid I have some sad news; the union of Sarah and Paul is no more.

Despite attempting to salvage their marriage with couple's counselling, the couple have divorced after just two months.

Sarah, 34, has moved on though, and is now in a relationship with two men aged 27 and 29. Indeed, Sarah has concluded that monogamy is not for her.

Sarah is a fan of bondage and sex parties... but her husband wasn't.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "My marriage may be over but it has opened me up to a whole new world.

"I no longer believe monogamy and marriage is the be-all and end-all. Now I'm living the polyamorous lifestyle and loving it.

"My rainbow hair (she has rainbow hair now, by the way) is the embodiment of the new me - strong, confident and ready for whatever the weather."

Sarah, from West Sussex, UK, said her family were not surprised to hear of the split, but despite not initially finding her husband attractive, she thought she may have found the one.

She said: "I wasn't initially attracted to Paul. But he seemed laid-back and nice and I was swept away in the moment.

"I love kinky parties and role playing and although Paul was not au fait with that world, he was open to it.

"I thought I'd met my match, in and out of the bedroom."

The couple appeared on Good Morning Britain to declare their love for one another.

However, Sarah said things started to take a turn for the worse upon returning to her flat, with wall-to-wall Paul not going all that well.

She said: "At first all three Pauls got on well. We were one big, happy, albeit unusual, family.

"But my husband was very jealous of one of my Pauls, who I'd had a long-term relationship with and who shared the mortgage.

"I understood my Paul's fears as it was a weird set-up. I'd sometimes be with my ex in his room, comforting him, but leaving the door open to appease my husband.

"But Paul would storm in and accuse me of sleeping with Paul."

Paul, the divorced husband that is, hasn't commented on their break up, but Sarah has now got her eye on a third boyfriend.

She said: "I'd love three boyfriends. It's a good number. I've got another date next week and I am very excited about it."

So there you go, Pauls well that ends well.

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