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Continent To Become 'Hell On Earth' As It Braces For Hottest Ever Day In 50C Heatwave

Continent To Become 'Hell On Earth' As It Braces For Hottest Ever Day In 50C Heatwave

The Met Office says that temperatures will soar in parts of Britain, and Spain and Portugal could be hit by the most extreme heatwave ever

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If your commute this morning was a pleasant one then well done! You're surviving yet another Furnace Friday. However, much of Europe is to become 'Hell on Earth' as an extreme heatwave threatens to give us the hottest day ever.

As for anyone sat on public transport, dripping in sweat, wafting yourself with anything in sight or doing that thing where you try to blow on your upper lip - be warned that temperatures could reach 32C in some areas of the UK.

And pay attention, anyone travelling to Spain or Portugal, as things could get even more intense where you're headed. Temperatures could reach a sticky and staggering 50C - the hottest temperatures ever recorded in continental Europe, according to the Mirror.

Some forecasters are saying that there's a 30 percent chance that temperatures in the UK will top 30C over the weekend. But remember, keep the fan away, don't sleep naked and ignore your 'summer penis'.

Former BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond said: "Hell is a place on Earth. Iberia is heating up to a potential 50C."


And Met Office forecaster Richard Miles warned: "48C is the most realistic maximum temperature in inland Spain and Portugal, but there's a chance it could be hotter.

"People on holiday should be careful in the heat. Warm continental air will move to Britain. Friday has 32C possible.

"It could warm up more as we might see 34C on Monday or Tuesday, with over 35.3C a possibility."


People swimming at the mixed bathing pond on Hampstead Heath, London.

A Met Office spokesman told the Press Association: "Essentially at the end of the week we're looking at a bit of a north-west/south-east split in the weather.

"Northern and some western areas will often be cooler with some outbreaks of rain - particularly in Northern Ireland - and that could spread in to southern and western Scotland.

"This weekend is much more promising than last weekend with plenty of sunshine around, although the north of England could see a few showers on Saturday."

Temperatures will potentially hit at least 32C and possibly 33C in parts of the south-east today, while south-western parts of the UK could see 28C or 29C.


Luke Miall, a Met Office meteorologist, explained that the current record of 48C in Athens, Greece, could be broken as the country is taken over by a wave of hot air from Africa.

He said: "These sorts of temperatures are not only exceptional for the locals but people from the UK will never really have experienced them." You can say that again, Luke.

Happy melting, people.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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