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Ex Prisoners Are Sharing What Surprised Them Most After Being Released

Ex Prisoners Are Sharing What Surprised Them Most After Being Released

Plenty of people struggled to get their heads around new technology

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Former prisoners are sharing what surprised them most while readjusting to life following their release from jail.

A Reddit user asked: "People who did a long time (five years plus) in prison, what was your biggest shock of the outside world?"

And the post was quickly flooded with replies from ex-convicts who admitted being shocked about everything from technology to the prices of McDonald's food or for simply having so many options while out and about shopping.


One person replied: "I went in around the first iPhone. Came out around 2014 and what disturbed me the most wasn't so much smartphones but how everyone everywhere had one in their hand staring at it. It felt very Black Mirror/Twilight Zone-ish."

Another said: "My biggest shock was finding out you can't do much of anything without a smartphone. Companies don't even do paper applications anymore."

On a similar tech-theme, someone else said: "I have two family members who did a very decent amount of time... and of all the things that could've blown their mind, Spotify was the biggest. "

Another Reddit user said it was their dad who had spent time inside, but the 'biggest shock for him was technology and how much McDonald's has raised prices'.

Another commented: "After I got released we stopped at a Burger King. There were four of us in the car and our food cost $24.00. I kept saying there was something wrong, that they must have made a mistake. I couldn't believe how much it cost."

Moving on from food and tech, plenty of people commented to say it was seeing so many colours after spending time in drab surroundings for so long, while the feeling of just being free was also a big shock to the system for others.


While being given a choice overwhelmed one former prison, who explained: "One of the hardest things for me once I got out was making choices.

"Let me explain: In prison, you might have two choices for shampoo if you're lucky.

"The first time I went shopping for hygiene essentials was at Target. I remember being so overwhelmed by the amount of choices for shampoo and having no idea which one to get.

"I stood in that aisle and cried for a few minutes before I just left without getting anything."

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