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Bloke Films How McDonald’s Makes Its Chicken Nuggets To Clear Up The Rumours

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Bloke Films How McDonald’s Makes Its Chicken Nuggets To Clear Up The Rumours

Chicken nuggets have always faced a decent level of criticism for being bad for your health - which is such a shame considering they are a gift from the hangover gods on those rough days. Nuggets from fast food restaurants get an even worse reputation because, well, they come from fast food restaurants.

Some people have accused places like McDonald's, KFC and Burger King of adding in other shit to make their nuggets.

One YouTuber decided to go into Maccies and see how their delicious, golden slices of heaven were made and the results shouldn't surprise you in 2017. The fast food empire that is the Golden Arches has maintained that they only use chicken breasts for the meat, add a bit of seasoning and batter for that crunchy feeling and that's it.


I know, I know, it's a surprise to some who still think chicken nuggets are the devil.

But as this video shows, the only negative is that they're deep fried. The nuggets themselves are fine and would be a great source of protein. However, dunking them in a huge vat of boiling hot oil adds a bunch more calories, according to Health Line, and the food becomes high in trans fats.

Even Barry was surprised at seeing the process in real time, telling his followers: "I was expecting it to be a bit more complex, but the actual structure for how the nuggets are made is very simple, and the stations in the factory replicate that."


Another thing the My Virgin Kitchen's video illustrates, which could be news to some people, is that Maccies chicken nuggets are cut into four different shapes. While most people would think that a nugget is a nugget and they're no definitive 'shape' - they'd be wrong.

The four different McDonald's nuggets are the bell, the bow-tie, the ball and the boot.

Next time you pick up a 20- pack on a hungover day, inspect them carefully and you'll be able to make out the very slightly different shapes.

Credit: Creative Commons
Credit: Creative Commons

There was a bit of backlash against the product following the documentary Super Size Me, with people angry about some of the ingridents, such as TBHQ and polydimethylsiloxane, because they weren't considered things an ordinary cook could buy and use.

However, the World Health Organisation came out two years ago and found no adverse health issues with dimethylsiloxane. Another study found TBHQ is used in a bunch of other products as a preservative for vegetable oil.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/My Virgin Kitchen

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