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Couple Who Eat Nothing But Fruit Say Diet Keeps Them Young

Megan Walsh

| Last updated 

Couple Who Eat Nothing But Fruit Say Diet Keeps Them Young

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum World

A couple who eat nothing but fruit have revealed how their extreme diet makes them feel younger, healthier and even high.

Tina Stoklosa, 39, from Warsaw, Poland, first discovered the fruit-only diet five years ago while she was searching for a pre-Christmas cleanse.

She decided to give it a go, and instantly noticed she had much more energy and even said she felt 'high' from the diet.

Credit: Media Drum World
Credit: Media Drum World

Tina said: "I have been overweight most of my adult life. Engaged in cycles of binge eating and dieting in turn only growing bigger and feeling more helpless with each year."

"Whilst researching a green smoothie recipe for the first time I found a girl who only ate fruit, and then I found a whole group of people eating this way and calling themselves fruitarians.

"The vast majority of them looked incredibly healthy, and had so much energy they chose to be endurance athletes. I was intrigued, and decided to do a week long pre-Christmas weight loss cleanse on just fruit.

"I felt amazing that week - light, optimistic, even high. It felt like I was in love with everything. This diet was worth it even just for the mental gain."

Fast forward two years and Tina decided to up sticks and move to Bali so that she could fully commit to her new fruitarian lifestyle without any distractions from Western World - Maccy D's, we're looking at you.

Credit: MDW Features
Credit: MDW Features

Following her big move to Bali, Tina shrunk from a UK size 16 to a UK 8, going from 13st 1lb to 8st 1lb, despite her previous struggles to lose weight back home.

It wasn't long before she met her now finance Simon Beun, 26, from Belgium, who got in touch with Tina on Instagram after discovering she followed the fruitarian diet.

Previously a vegan, Simon was keen to transition to this new lifestyle and found the change in diet an easy one.

After messaging Tina on the social media app, the pair met up and quickly fell in love.

Now the two survive purely on fruit, each consuming between 2,000 and 4,000 calories a day whilst quenching their thirst with fresh coconut water.

Credit: MDW Features
Credit: MDW Features

They reckon they don't even need to brush their teeth anymore because the fibre from the fruit cleanses them. I don't know about that one, but okay...

"The diet challenges everything we believe about food and our culture, which is centred around cooking food. So once you've broken down that taboo you feel liberated to challenge other ideas that you thought are fixed in our society.

"With little to no exercise I am able to eat as much as my boyfriend - a 26-year-old male - and not gain any weight. Weight maintenance is just so easy on fruit."

The pair love their diet so much, they claim the benefits of fruitarianism are endless. They even reckon it can cure cancer, depression and other chronic illnesses.


"It cures depression, cures so many mental illnesses, relieves anxiety. Cures all chronic digestive issues. There are thousands of personal accounts of people who have cured cancer on this diet," said Tina.

But despite their claims, health experts have said that neither fruitarian, vegan or raw food diets are proven to cure cancer.

It's great that Tina and Simon have found a diet that suits them. As for me though, I just couldn't give up my buttery crumpets on a Sunday morning. Especially not for an apple.

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Megan Walsh
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