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Google Maps: Catching Naked People, Aliens & Military Secrets Since 2005

Google Maps: Catching Naked People, Aliens & Military Secrets Since 2005

Even if you’re just innocently trying to give someone a hand job down a Manchester side street, nowhere is safe

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

It is an inescapable fact of life nowadays that if you are walking down the street, Google is watching you and they have been since Google Maps launched on 8 February 2005.

In fact, if you are sitting at your computer writing an article, Google is watching you. Sitting on the toilet reading an article? Google is there too. You get the picture.

Anyway, before you go and get the masking tape to cover over both cameras on your phone or the webcam on your computer, remember that it is not all that bad.

As an example - for every invasion into our private lives, there is the discovery of a secret US spy plane in a car park (maybe) and for every wire-tap into our phone conversations for 'advertising purposes' there are literally thousands of people caught in hilariously compromising positions by the famous camera car.

It's also a favourite place for those amongst us who love a good conspiracy theory.

Check out the alien on the balcony in Nancy, France.Turns out that even ET needs his early morning fag and coffee on the balcony before he can get the day started.

Google Maps spotted an alien creature on a balcony in Nice, France.
Google Maps

You can also see a naked bloke escaping from the boot of a car, potentially after having been kidnapped, but possibly for some sort of weird sexual reason - or maybe he just enjoys being in the boot of the car naked. Who are we to judge?

In fact, there have been quite a few crimes captured on the Google cameras. On top of the kidnapping victim (not literally, silly) there is a kid getting mugged for his mobile, his bike and $230 in cash.

They eventually used the footage to catch the muggers - twin brothers in the Dutch town of Groningen - and one of them confessed after being shown a picture of the robbery.

This just goes to show that you can never prepare for when the camera might be coming past you (unless you are the camera car driver) and should just never do anything weird again for fear of it being preserved forever (or used against you in a court of law).

There are naked sunbathers who have been captured, and people who have been caught having sex on the bonnet of a car and there is a couple in Manchester - who have been caught red handed, if you know what I mean. Yeah, it's that 'hand job in an alley' thing.

Nowhere and nobody is safe. Eventually they will set up static cameras to catch every street in the world every second of every day. They've already got cameras into our homes - because we brought them in.

BRB, moving to North Korea.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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