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Guy Books Stay In Creepy Cabin, Ends Up Way More Creeped Out Than Expected

Guy Books Stay In Creepy Cabin, Ends Up Way More Creeped Out Than Expected

If you purposefully book yourself into a 'creepy log cabin' in the woods, and it turns out to be a little bit creepy, then I suppose you've got your money's worth.

However, if you end up genuinely petrified and running for your life, then you might argue you got more than you bargained for.


In a Twitter thread so lengthy and dramatic you could argue it's more of a short story, Tom Taylor shared his nightmarish experience, with thousands of gripped fellow Twitterers watching on.

I'm not going to be able to guide you through every single twist and turn, as this is an article not a short story, but I'll do my best to give you a decent outline.

It starts out with Mr Taylor explaining that he had booked himself in to the cabin to do some 'intensive writing', because he's a writer. But he soon realised the cabin was way more horror movie-esque than he'd anticipated.

Mr Taylor went out to inspect the rusty wind chimes out the front and the door slammed shut behind him.


He also started to hear lots of rustling in the bushes, but he wasn't too paranoid at this stage, as he reasoned there were lots of animals in Australian bushes (oh yeah, this cabin is in Australia by the way, so you could say the whole forest is in fact 'the bush').

At this point, Mr Taylor decided to share a picture of the 'murder cabin'.

But as he went to put his phone away, Mr Taylor noticed a flash. Freaking out a bit he tried to figure out whether it was his camera or his torch or something...

Having gathered himself together, to an extent, Mr Taylor reasoned it might have been an early morning jogger or something.

However, he was spooked once more by various banging sounds and those damn chimes again.

Next thing he knew, there was a very large man bashing on the door claiming to have a package.

The guy/beast/murderer ended up leaving it on the step, and too afraid to open it, Mr Taylor stashed it in a cage... But the onlooking Twitterverse pointed out something sinister about the fireplace.

The Twitterverse turned on Mr Taylor, pointing out that it looks like he has three feet in another picture.

Indeed, as the plot thickens further and further, you can't help but feel that Mr Taylor might have known more than he's letting on... Could this thread in fact be his 'intensive writing for a few days'?

After all he is a writer, for DC and Marvel comics no less, so he should be pretty well-versed in how best to develop suspense/keep an audience gripped/make something imaginary seem real.

Plus if this wasn't the intensive writing he had in mind, then he's pretty much wasted his stay in the cabin because he's been on Twitter the whole time... He could even just be at home and have this whole storyline cued up and ready to go.

Whatever the case, it makes a good read, so bravo Mr Taylor, bravo.

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