People Think Dead Artist Is Responsible For Monolith In Desert
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Jeremy Kyle Told To Do One By An Angry Homeless Man In Hull

Jeremy Kyle Told To Do One By An Angry Homeless Man In Hull

Could you imagine if one day Jeremy Kyle (Jezza) went missing? The police would have a right mare of a time trying to figure out who the culprit was. I mean, just picture the scenes in the morning meeting at the station.

Sergeant Detective: "So, do we know of anyone who would have a motive to kidnap the victim?"

Policeman 1: "Are you mad serg, or have you never watched his show? Basically, the show he presents is full of 'wrong uns' who can't stop reproducing. Kyle is the one who winds 'em up for entertainment purposes, apparently. The long and the short of it is he's hated by everyone who has ever wanted a DNA test to prove who the father is."

Sergeant Detective: "In that case, we'll need to think outside the box here and not just go for the obvious suspects. Give me names."


Policeman 2: "What about Steve the security man? He's never in the spotlight but always has to clear up Kyle's mess for him. Do you not think he's getting a bit tired of 'saving the day' - I'd want to let a punch in if it was me, serg..."

Sergeant Detective: "Well, butter my butt and call me biscuit, I think we're on to something here..."

Everyone in the office: "Sorry?"

*Pause for awkward silence*


I'm pleased to inform you that Jezza is not missing, but he did walk into a rather heated situation in Hull the other day, which sparked that little tangent (see above).

The TV host is used to loudmouths appearing on his show and telling him to "Fuck off" daily, but outside the comfort of his branded-up TV studio, he walks unfamiliar territory.

The incident occurred while he was trying to film The Kyle Files which focuses on current affairs.

Jezza and his team tried to capture the scenes at a homeless camp called Tent City in Hull that was set up a few weeks ago but is now being taken down after the council said that rooms are available elsewhere.

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Unfortunately, his visit came to a premature end when one of the protestors wasn't keen about the whole thing being documented, as you can see here.

Video credit: Twitter/Thomas Barrie

Protesters at the site had refused to move until every homeless person in Hull was given a home.


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But a few days ago, a judge ordered them to leave the council-owned site by 4pm November 16.

Jezza told the Hull Daily Mail: "I guess a few people from outside came in. A few had been drinking and started shouting and screaming,

"You understand their frustration but as I said to a bloke when he eventually calmed down, 'you're not helping anybody are you by getting drunk and shouting and screaming?'


"You're not helping the people here who need to be rehoused by the council who are hopefully trying to do something about it."

The situation calmed down when the angry bloke realised that Jeremy was on his side and wasn't armed with DNA test results...

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