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Kevin Rudd Is Going On A National Tour To Find Australia's Best Handballers

Kevin Rudd Is Going On A National Tour To Find Australia's Best Handballers

Will you take on the former Prime Minister on the four-court?

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is known for a lot of things during his time in politics, but outside that realm, he's been building a name for himself for a bit of a handball warrior.

Despite suffering a knee injury, Kevin07 is back in action and has set his sights on battling the best of the best across Australia.

That's why he's decided to launch a national tour.

While the trek across Australia will be promoting The National Apology Foundation and the good work they are doing for Indigenous reconciliation, Mr Rudd will be looking for the country's best handballers along the way.

He's told Channel 7 that he 'hopes to have my domination of the sport well established nationally' and will be 'promoting the cause of reconciliation for First Australians' in several high schools.

Mr Rudd recently made his handball comeback at John Paul College in Brisbane where he 'dazzled' the kids with his iconic 'wind up' serve.

While he admits that the kids thrashed him, he's treating it as a warm-up match for the tour.

He has promised he'll murder any challenger on the court (figuratively, of course) because he reckons he's the Southern Hemisphere's best player.

The former PM sent a message to his followers in a rather creepy video on Facebook where the 61-year-old appeared behind his desk signing handballs.

"G'day it's Kevin Rudd here, the global handball king. Well, sort of. Well, in fact, try hard," he says in the video.

"Guess what guys? Come the end of August, having overcome the problems of my knee surgery I am re-entering the field.

"So any of you guys who are looking for a handball championship game, I'm available let my office know through direct message. In the meantime if you want a handball signed by the global champion himself, then send in a direct message as well. Be very good and get ready to die."

So, will you face up against a former leader of Australia to stake your claim as the country's best handballer?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Handball Memes

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