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Lying About Being Rich, Single Or Religious To Woo A Love Interest Could Soon Be Illegal In NSW

Lying About Being Rich, Single Or Religious To Woo A Love Interest Could Soon Be Illegal In NSW

We've all been accused of making up little white lies when it comes to dating.

Whether you fudge your age by a couple of years or pretend you drive a Mercedes when you lent it off your dad, these tactics can sometimes go a long way in getting someone to like you (even if it is superficial).

But then there are some people who take it a bit further with their lying in order to impress.

They might tell you they're rich and can look after you, they might tell you they're single when they're actually married with kids, or they might tell you they follow your religion when that couldn't be further from the truth.


Well, the New South Wales government is considering a proposal to make that illegal.

The state government was forced to look into consent laws after a man was acquitted for raping a woman in Sydney's Kings Cross.

The Sydney Institute of Criminology says that consent doesn't just come in the form of saying yes or no to sexual advances. The current state law says 'anyone who is fraudulently induced to participate in sexual activity does not, in law, consent to sexual activity'.

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The Institutes's Andrew Dyer has told Channel 10: "Under this provision, any misrepresentation that induces consent means that consent is no consent at all."

In simple terms: if you're lying about your wallet size or relationship status to get someone into bed then that means the victim isn't consenting because they aren't aware of the reality behind the lie.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Mr Dyer continues: "If the boast you have made induces someone to participate in sexual activity then you're liable to spend a long time in jail."


It would certainly make people think twice about what they say on their dating app profiles as well as what might slip out during the date.

While it's a long way off becoming even close to law in New South Wales, it would be an interesting precedent to set. At the end of the day, it would make people a hell of a lot more honest.

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