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Twitter User Asks People To Tell True Stories That No One Would Believe And They Are Amazing

Twitter User Asks People To Tell True Stories That No One Would Believe And They Are Amazing

There are a lot of people spouting absolute rubbish on social media, raging about their new iPhone being delivered 24 seconds later than the delivery notes said, bragging about some sunny holiday while we're all sat in a hot office or getting annoyed at Amanda Holden for, erm, eating whipped cream off the floor:


But, thankfully, sometimes the online world comes up with sheer gold - as proven when one person on Twitter asked the world to share interesting facts about themselves.

Twitter user @mhoye posed: "OK Twitter. It's late but let's see if we can make this interesting: what is the least plausible story about yourself that's true?"

The answers that came in were unexpectedly brilliant.

Some were straightforward, but effective:


Others had a bit more of a story behind them:

Another person had a pretty interesting story to tell, too, writing: "I was once escorted to safety in the Australian desert by a pack of wild donkeys. I swear."

The guy continued: "To clarify, there was absolutely no other human presence or involvement. In the dead of night and the pitch darkness, they just kinda... found me. Surrounded me. Stayed close, occasionally brushing up against me. And walked me to the road about a mile away. I. Was. Terrified."

Oh, he had a side note, too: "When you're lost and in the wide open at night, in the dark, and you're not used to the broad vocabulary of donkeys, your mind goes to some weird places. They make some seriously haunting, spine tingling, absolutely unearthly noises."

Some were straight-up hilarious:

Another guy said he was interrogated by the East German border police after showing up late to Checkpoint Charlie in 1985.

"They searched my bag, found wine, fake plastic ears and a pen in the shape of a fish," he explained, adding: "Bewildered, they let me go."

Someone else also reminisced about an accidental interview for a high-up job at the tender age of 18.

One person revealed that their karate teacher was Chuck Norris' stunt double, someone else once 'broke up a mugging with a sword', while another admitted that she had a chipped tooth after her dog headbutted her while sneezing.

Honestly, this could go on forever. It's FASCINATING. Just head on over to the original tweet and get scrolling, scrolling, scrolling - you won't regret it... though you may lose three hours of your life.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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